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The Mug Rack’s one year Blogsiversary

August 2, 2010

It was technically on July 31. We missed it. I was watching movies all day and forgot about it. But on July 31 of 2009, our First mug was poured, since then, a lot has happened:

As of this moment we’ve had 27,512 views. 254 posts, and 92 comments, Not to shabby for a first year of a blog. Here’s hoping its all up from here.  Our top day was when we posted pictures of the Brew City Flood.

Besides our home page, our top 5 posts have been: 20 Things that are popular now but WON’T (2,644) , UW-Milwaukee student arrested in Class, (1,353) Norte Dame Fan Punches Jimmy Clausen (1,163),  Trey Parker and Matt Stone Getting Death (1,094),  The Story of Tim Maymon [Update] (1,023). All cracking the 1k mark. A few others have gotten close.

My favorite post napped a whopping 3 hits. But we’ve had a lot of great posts in between and we promise there will be more to come.

Goals for the next year of our blog: Add some more writers. We’ve got a few folks on tap and if a few others would actually start blogging, we’d have a fair amount of contributing writers. We promise more posts, more updates, more girls more politics more sports more beer and more fun posts.

Also, get more involved with our twitter account. We haven’t been using it that much as of late. We promise we’ll tweet more.


Perfect McDonalds French fries at home

June 8, 2010

I have not tried this yet, but this writers commitment to great french fries needs to be highlighted.

The Burger Lab: How to Make Perfect Thin and Crisp French Fries

I will be attempting this soon. Please stay tuned.


Happy Memorial Day All

May 31, 2010

Before you fire up the grill today and enjoy a Monday where you don’t have to go to work, take a moment to remember those who gave their lives for the freedoms we have as Americans.


People at Seattle University are dicks

May 14, 2010

Some dumbass at their newspaper wrote this:

10. It has an ugly website

  • False

9. It’s in Milwaukee

  • Which is awesome? It’s sunny here. There isn’t a giant cloud of smug hanging over Milwaukee like there is in Seattle. Seriously, Seattle’s only exports are Kurt Cobain and overpriced Latte. The city hasn’t been relevant since the Real World was filmed there or when Ken Griffey Jr. left. Who cares if he came back? he’s old and broken now.

8. It’s in Wisconsin

  • Yeah and if it wasn’t for our back up quarterback, the Seahawks would be f-ing irrelevant too. Jesus, I’ve never been to Seattle but I can only imagine it has to be like East Side hipsters and Madison Hipsters on Steroids and I’d rather shoot myself than experience 5 minutes of that. Even people from San Fransisco think Seattle is “too gay.”

7. Crime in Marquette’s neighborhood makes Capitol Hill look like Disneyland

  • ehh. But the fact you made a crack at a city 2700 miles  (and in turn another Jesuit university) away makes you people look like bigger dicks. Besides, how did you not utilize this to make a VERY dated Dahlmer reference?

6. Fr. Sundborg is way more hip than Fr. Wild

  • How dare you? Robert Wild once won the 1982 NBA Slam Dunk contest. He made Chris Farley (an addict). Father Wild is a God Damn Saint!

5. Jodi O’Brien doesn’t work there

  • Yeah, we’re pretty cool with that.

4. The Midwest doesn’t know how to make coffee

  • Two words: Berres Brothers. Two More words: Brew Bayou. One more word: Alterra.

3. Redhawks eat Golden Eagles for breakfast

  • Really? Seattle U has an athletic program?  Me, Father Wild and a Paraplegic Dwyane Wade could beat whatever assclowns you recruit. Because we’d be coached by Buzz  Freakin Williams. When is the last time Seattle U has had a player drafted in the NBA? Answer: 1980. MU will play Seattle U during the 09-10 season and Seattle will learn that the Redhawks are just the Golden Eagles bitches.

2. If you think C-Street is bad, try eating their food

  • Food Wars came here. Soblemans vs AJ Bombers (two great burger joints). Also Pizza Shuttle, AmericanEuros Durango Grille, Brick3, Streeza, and MORE BARS PER CAPITA THAN ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE DAMN WORLD!

1. Did we mention it’s in Wisconsin?

  • Did we mention Fuck off?

UW-Milwaukee student arrested in Class [Updated]

March 16, 2010

I’m glad I’m a Marquette Grad.

Stay classy UW-Milwaukee student!

Warning: Language!

Apologies but the below video has been removed by the user before I could save it personally. [Updated]: video was found at new source.

You may check out local news stories about UW-Milwaukee student here, here, here, and here.

Applause for the subtle camera work.

I wonder if this will turn into “Don’t tase me bro! UWMilwaukee edition”

Further update: I have found out that the Professor in the video is Kathleen Foley-Winkler, who teaches (or taught) anthropology at Marquette as well. I actually had her in class a few years ago when I was taking her intro to anthro class.  Her class wasn’t incredibly difficult, if you read or went to class and paid attention you’d pass the class with a pretty good grade. (Granted for a UWM student that has to be too much) Though I remember her raising her voice once or twice, I don’t remember her as an intimidating or mean professor. She is younger and petite and had the confrontation escalated, this girl would have been able to over power her.

After watching the full video I am completely on the side of the professor (on the presumption that she didn’t provoke the incident). When she said “you’re going to have to drag my a$$ out of here” that pretty much gives the cops free reign to haul her butt out of class and charge her for resisting and a few other charges.


St. Patty’s Day in Milwaukee!

March 13, 2010

Today’s St. Patty’s parade in Milwaukee, officially kicked off the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. I’m in the mood to celebrate with green beer, Guiness and potatoes!

Here’s some Irish music from Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys and Gaelic Storm to get you excited

and I’m not even Irish! but then again, neither was St. Patrick. He was a Scottish/English and kidnapped and enslaved by the Irish!


Rush Limbaugh Hospitalized

December 31, 2009

Via TMZ:

Rush Limbaugh has been hospitalized in Hawaii after suffering chest pains — this according to KITV Hawaii. According to KITV, paramedics responded to a call at the Kahala Hotel in Honolulu at 2:41 PM and transported Rush to Queens Medical Center. According to the report, Rush was in “serious condition” when he arrived to the hospital. Attempts to reach a rep for Limbaugh were unsuccessful. UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed paramedics did respond to the Kahala at 2:41 to attend to someone with “chest discomfort.” Story developing…