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Most Memorable Political Videos of 2010

December 23, 2010

Funniest, most memorable and most news worthy political videos of the year:

BP Coffee Spill 

In a Summer dominated by the BP Global PR twitter and the endless stream of bullshit given to us by BP, this pretty much sums up BP’s incompetence in under 3 minutes.

Funny or die had some memorable political videos this year, but none stood out more than the Presidential Reunion  The video reunites the best presidential impersonations from SNL – plus Jim Carey as Reagan saying “pendulous balls”


It makes fun of Fox News, tea parties and republicans and I’m for those things but I can still take a joke. Plus it uses Inception, and that was one of the most parodied movies of the year. Even if some parodies were just rip off of others –Right South Park?

Is Obama Keynsian? 

We can all agree that the Rally To restore sanity/fear was a  train wreck and a bad Joke. What we didn’t know is how stupid people who went to the rally are. And yes for the record Obama is a Keynesian

Bob Ethridge (D-NC) Manhandles student reporter

Its a wonder why democrats lost in 2010.

Dale Peterson for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner  

We are better than that, Dale.

I’m not a witch 

How fucked is your campaign if this is the ad you need to run?

Jan Brewer Zones out 

Still not as bad as a witch


47 Years Ago today…

November 22, 2010

John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas by a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald who shot at him from the 6th floor  of the Texas School Book Depository with a Mannlicher Carcano rifle. He fired 3 shots. The third shot fatally wounded the President.

There was no conspiracy. The JFK movie is nothing but a farce.

For all the information you need on the Kennedy Assassination check this out.

Or just watch this video:

Most Conspiracy theories are about as logical as this.


For the record: I called out Meghan McCain before it was cool

October 19, 2010

Kirsten Fleming and I were ahead of our time. We knew Meghan McCain was an idiot. We knew she her faux hipster rebel attitude was toxic to the Republican Party… Hell we knew she wasn’t even a Republican.

Now others are jumping on the girl with d cups and a pea brain.

First it was Hot Air posting a video of George Will taking Meghan to task

Two key moments. The first comes at around 2:45, when MegMac lays into Christine O’Donnell. The other starts at around 7:35 and runs through 9:30, when Will replies to her point that the tea party is “intolerant” and losing younger voters rapidly. In fact, it’s The One who’s lost 16 points among college students since last year; tea partiers do skew older demographically, but if the movement was as repugnant to young voters as Meg seems to think, the Democrats shouldn’t be having trouble motivating them to turn out next month.

This got the attention of the Weekly Standard’s Mary Katharine Ham via twitter, who took to McCain bashing too.

Then Red State got involved

Cheri Jacobus at The Hill put out this piece:

The spawn of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is doing herself, her father and the GOP no favors. On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, the 26-year-old Meghan McCain (R-or-D, of absolutely nothing) tore into Delaware’s GOP Senate nominee, Christine O’Donnell, sharing with a national television audience that “in my group of friends, it turns people off because she’s seen as a nut-job.” In truth, many Republicans share that view, which should not come as a surprise to anyone. But why is it that we are listening to a 26-year-old with no political or professional accomplishments of her own?

Meghan McCain is certainly entitled to her own opinion, but for a major network like ABC to be providing this forum for her should raise questions, along with eyebrows. The Sunday morning shows have historically and traditionally been reserved for serious, experienced, proven political and policy experts and journalists with credibility whom viewers can trust. Please tell us why the musings of a young woman with no accomplishments or experience of her own, other than sitting on the Straight Talk Express between her parents, warrants a spot on the serious political news shows.

By Jacobus’ standards, or that of ABC’s This Week, I should be on television sharing my views. But I think I have more political experience that MegMac but my last name isn’t tied to a twice defeated RINO presidential candidate. So thanks for the endorsement, I’m waiting for ABC to call.

Meghan McCain has never held a job and is sitting at the table on Sunday morning with the serious grown-ups, slamming O’Donnell for not having enough job experience.  I guess you could say Meghan has no real history, not real success in any kind of business and that it’s a bit of a problem when one day you can just wake up and find yourself on “This Week” chatting as an “equal” with Christiane Amanpour, George Will, et al. Is ABC doing this for ratings? Is it to invite gawkers? Or is it to try to paint the entire GOP with such silliness and make America believe silly young things represent the entire party?

How will O’Donnell ever respond to such insurmountable intellectual vigor?


Not the Whiteman’s bitch meets The Daily Show

September 16, 2010

John Oliver had the story:

​Since Wisconsin won’t let Ieshuh Griffin her put her campaign slogan, “NOT the white man’s bitch,” on the ballot in her run for a seat in the state Assembly, she’s looking for other megaphones.

Last night, John Oliver gave her one on “The Daily Show.”

“My statement of principle is, ‘Not the white man’s bitch,'” she tells Oliver.

“Let me just check. I asked you for your statement of principle, didn’t I?” Oliver deadpans. “I didn’t say, ‘Suggest a possible title for the next Li’l Kim’ album.”

Audience laughter aside, Griffin says she’s serious about doing a better job representing Milwaukee’s 10th District than her Democratic opponent, Stephanie Findley. And Findley’s not amused.

Her statement?

“I specialize in results.”

But that’s only four words, Oliver says. Add one more: “I specialize in results, bitch.”

Findley wasn’t laughing.

Griffin, meanwhile, is looking for some results from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where she’s appealed a lower court’s decision to keep the slogan off the ballot.

That judge “has a judicial disability because he refused to apply the law.”

Here is the video

Ieshuh Griffin actually across as somewhat intelligent and made a decent argument.

And the political commercial is hilarious!


Tomorrow’s primary in Wisconsin

September 13, 2010

In Wisconsin, Tomorrow is the party primary that will determine who will get their parties nomination to run in November. There are major primaries at multiple levels for each party, but where I’m from, there are only 3 major races. US Senate, Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Bloggers like Badger Blogger and Randy Melchert have made some endorsements and predictions. With Badger Blogger, I agree with him on 2 out of 3 races.

For Governor:

There is no question about it, I’m for Scott Walker all the way. The fact is, if he does not win the nomination Republicans might as well write off Wisconsin forever. if Scott Walker doesn’t win, the Republican Party of Wisconsin will be dead at the state wide level. Sure they might win a congressional seat or a majority in the assembly or senate but that would be it. Mark Neumann will screw the Republican party of Wisconsin for years if he wins, and people need to know that. Scott is a true conservative that practices what he preaches and he’s very good at what he does.  On the contrary, Mark Neumann is (for lack of a better word) a goon. He’s not a career politician because he’s a career candidate who won election twice and lost four more times. He went negative, then announced he wasn’t going negative. He labeled Scott a career politician, but it’s because the people wanted him to stay in office. And I want Walker to move up!

Lt. Governor-

Frankly, I’m not a big fan of Rebecca. I don’t like her commercials at all, and I’m not a fan of the Sarah Palin thing she’s trying to capture. Plus I think she rips off a portion of her message (We get it, you drive a mini-van, Scott Walker still drives his Saturn, and Scott Brown drove a truck). Honestly I could care less if she’s a social conservative, those issues don’t win elections. PERIOD. Thats why I’m voting for Brett Davis. I don’t mind that he had to play politics and voted for a budget bill, really I don’t. I understand that he wanted to get reelected and Republicans allowed him to vote for the budget. Brett did what he had to do to represent his district, which went to Obama by a large margin. So here again we have a Republican that used common sense Conservativism to win over a liberal area… Yeah I dig that.

The fact of the matter is a Republican from Milwaukee county and a Republican from Dane County might give the party a shot and winning enough of those votes to carry the state. All that’s left is the Fox Valley…


Ron Johnson. No Brainer. I’m not gonna be writing in TWall, and Dave Westlake is a great guy but just won’t be able to pull it off. With a Dane county Republican, a Milwaukee County Republican, and a Fox Valley guy, three of the most populated areas in Wisconsin have candidates running from there. That is awesome. Ron may be a political newcomer but this is the chance for one of those to succeed.

By all accounts this election could be a huge one in the state of Wisconsin. With Walker and Johnson, this will be the best chance we have to take down the liberal establishment. This’ll be the first time I could ever remember that I could have the chance to be represented by a Republican on every level and that makes me want to Believe in Wisconsin.


Blogging can ruin your political future. Right Dana Schultz?

August 24, 2010

I’m a little late to the game on this one but forgive me, I just got it off B&S today. But the story was also covered by McIlheran at the JS and blogged by Skyes as well.

The story is of the young (mid-20s) Democrat assembly candidate running against vulnerable Republican, Rep. Mary Williams of Medford for Wisconsin Assembly.

First of all let me say that I don’t care about the age of the candidate. I’m not one that believes experience is the best barometer of measuring future success – and in this case worthiness of the candidate. I’m more of the jump in the deep end and see if you can keep your head above water. I like a challenge. So I’m not going to rip this girl for being too young, in fact I favor younger people getting in races or holding positions that otherwise go to older people, because frankly younger people could be better but they don’t get that shot because some people rate of experience as too high priority. I’ll make a joke that shes nothing more than dumb student brainwashed by her liberal professors that thinks thats she can couple her ego with her desire to collect a paycheck from taxpayers without doing any real work -like 9 out of 10 public sector employees.

However with that being said, most 20 somethings that are politically obsessed enough to run for office look like this:   I’m not saying Dana Shultz possesses a sort of sociopathic narcissism or if she has an unquenchable lust for self glorification or even if her soul is terrifying, but signs point to that if shes like some people I know. Furthermore I think the people of her assembly district deserve more than a 20 something far left ideologue.
What Dana Schutlz needs to be ripped for is her blatant liberalism and blogging  (But I’ll admit it’s nice to see a liberal being honest). From McIlheran:

For one thing, she seems unaware that what’s online lingers. Such as the blog she apparently wrote for a class in 2006, where she mused on rural areas’ politics. Just as she wrote it: “I know all about the huntin, fishin, snowmobilin, country music beltin, beer drinkin, working class, gossipin, people who attend christian church every sunday and are racist, sexist, and homophobic, but more just ignorant because of lack of exposure.” She wrote that she understands rural brain drain: “Why would people go back to face fatter and less educated Ann Colture’s?”

Yes, she spelled Ann Coulter wrong.

Elsewhere, she posts about how “it doesn’t make sense for lower incomers to be pro-life” and how unsympathetic rubes are toward gay people. It reads like typical youthful maundering, though in Schultz’s case, youthful was only four years ago.

I wanted to ask why she’d seek to represent fatter and less educated Ann Coulters, but after she begged off my call, saying she had a meeting, I heard back only from her campaign manager, who said, “We have a really aggressive voter contact plan,” so “I just don’t think an interview’s going to work out.”

Who knows, maybe Schultz has mellowed. Her politics were “radical” back in Milwaukee, according to another of her blogs, when she was helping run the Students for a Democratic Society. Perhaps she got over it, though in her campaign, Milwaukee issues linger: She says she wants to end school choice, a move that would actually reduce state school aid to Medford by $174,000 a year (and to all outstate districts by $74 million), according to state data. But it’s a cause dear to state Democrats.

That’s your problem. You probably shouldn’t be blogging your liberal thoughts if you want to run for office and represent those rubes you once admonished. Leftists almost never say what they really believe because they know it won’t play well with their constituency. They can’t admit that 50% of peoples pay checks should go to the government. They have to pretend to be conservatives and talk about how great tax cuts are for the middle class and how the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Furthermore this girl is only a few years removed from running Students for a Democratic Society. This is a group that promotes everything except democracy, namely socialism and communism. All they really do is protest Republicans and protest wars with ignorant phrases that are small enough to fit on a bumper sticker.  That won’t go over well with the huntin’ and fishin’ rubes she wants to get votes from.

I think if a Republican was to run for office and had a blog post shared their ideology, it’d be much easier to defend it. Republicans stand by their beliefs and these beliefs resonate with many people: Lower taxes, a smaller government that gets out of the people’s way, 2nd amendment rights, a religious belief, pro life and good beer. A young Republican would never have to hide their beliefs, they’d promote them proudly and they wouldn’t look like a fake, a sellout or just a pathetic narcissistic power tripping egomaniac like Dana.


Barack Obama to Menomonee Falls

August 12, 2010

Does Obama know that Menomonee Falls votes 2-1 Republican in a bad year?

White House officials said Thursday that President Barack Obama will tour ZBB Energy Corp. in Menomonee Falls on Aug. 16 and address workers at the plant.

The President’s agenda that day also includes a visit to Milwaukee, where he will headline events for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a candidate for governor, as well as events for the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

ZBB Energy (AMEX: ZBB) is a provider of energy management systems and a developer of large-scale zinc bromide batteries for renewable energy applications. The firm announced in June that it had entered into a securities purchase agreement giving it access to up to $10 million in financing over the next two years.

The firm said that proceeds would be used toward advancement of its next-generation energy storage system, which is planned for commercial release in the third quarter of the fiscal year ending June 2011, and for other corporate purposes.

Read more: Obama coming to Milwaukee Aug. 16 – The Business Journal of Milwaukee

Someone on his advance team must think sending him to the reddest part of Wisconsin/The World is a good idea. Someone on his advance team is going to be fired.  Seriously Jim Sensenbrenner Reps this area. Its not like there is a hint of “moderate” anywhere within the county. Menomonee Falls will literally never elect a Democrat (minus the liberals on the Village Board who run to confuse people).

I can’t to see pictures of this, protesters will be lined up for miles!