Most Memorable Political Videos of 2010

December 23, 2010

Funniest, most memorable and most news worthy political videos of the year:

BP Coffee Spill 

In a Summer dominated by the BP Global PR twitter and the endless stream of bullshit given to us by BP, this pretty much sums up BP’s incompetence in under 3 minutes.

Funny or die had some memorable political videos this year, but none stood out more than the Presidential Reunion  The video reunites the best presidential impersonations from SNL – plus Jim Carey as Reagan saying “pendulous balls”


It makes fun of Fox News, tea parties and republicans and I’m for those things but I can still take a joke. Plus it uses Inception, and that was one of the most parodied movies of the year. Even if some parodies were just rip off of others –Right South Park?

Is Obama Keynsian? 

We can all agree that the Rally To restore sanity/fear was a  train wreck and a bad Joke. What we didn’t know is how stupid people who went to the rally are. And yes for the record Obama is a Keynesian

Bob Ethridge (D-NC) Manhandles student reporter

Its a wonder why democrats lost in 2010.

Dale Peterson for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner  

We are better than that, Dale.

I’m not a witch 

How fucked is your campaign if this is the ad you need to run?

Jan Brewer Zones out 

Still not as bad as a witch


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