L.A. Noire Looks AWESOME!

November 11, 2010

I might be a little late to the game in declaring Rockstar Games‘  latest game, Red Dead Redemption is a masterpiece, but it is. Think Oregon Trail meets Grand Theft Auto in every amazing way possible. Even if I haven’t been able to ford the river yet. Once I take down Red Dead I’ll be aiming for the Undead Nightmare.

However Rockstar Games’ latest creation makes Red Dead Redemption and every Grand Theft Auto look like ET for the Atari.

L.A. Noire looks incredible. Game seems like a variation of Max Payne meets The Black Dahlia in a perfectly recreated 1940s Los Angeles. Check out all the new videos on Rockstar’s website because I can’t embed them here. Or you can check out Kotaku for information:

Because in L.A. Noire you play a detective in the Los Angeles of the 1940s. Rockstar says the game has you trying to solve crimes through a “blend of classic action, clue-finding and interrogation, allowing players to analyze every subtle nuance of an actor’s performance in order to get to the truth.”

Think of L.A. Noire more as interactive fiction than a video game. Moreover, it’s made by Rockstar. Have they made a bad product since GTA III?

It’s worth pointing out that the game will include Mad Men’s Aaron Stanton as lead officer, Cole Phelps, Fringe’s John Noble, and a cast of “esteemed actors,” working alongside director Michael Uppendahl (Mad Men), according to Rockstar.


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