NASCAR 2011 Video Game Reboot

October 11, 2010

Sorry about the lack of blogging lately. It’s not like there hasn’t been stuff to blog about (new awesome guy movies, political stuff, The Event, sports and various news stories) it’s just that We’ve been very busy.

However we’re gonna make it a point to start blogging again and this is something you need to check out, if you’re a sports, video game or NASCAR fan. Got this from A Blog 4 guys:

Looks like coming in February of 2011, NASCAR gets a reboot courtesy of Eutechnyx and Activision. Click the link for the trailer, which looks AWESOME.

I’ve been a fan of NASCAR games but after 2005 or so, they really started jumping the shark with the additions while doing little more than updating the cars/drivers. And the crashes always sucked, there was nothing entertaining about that. Read: EA Sports sucks, has a monoploy and thinks they can put out a shitty product because of it. But there are some chinks in that armor, with NBA 2k’s newest game with Jordan and now this. Maybe the Evil empire will soon fall.

If that trailer is indicative of how cool the game could be, I think this could be  a game worth looking into buying.


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