Blogging can ruin your political future. Right Dana Schultz?

August 24, 2010

I’m a little late to the game on this one but forgive me, I just got it off B&S today. But the story was also covered by McIlheran at the JS and blogged by Skyes as well.

The story is of the young (mid-20s) Democrat assembly candidate running against vulnerable Republican, Rep. Mary Williams of Medford for Wisconsin Assembly.

First of all let me say that I don’t care about the age of the candidate. I’m not one that believes experience is the best barometer of measuring future success – and in this case worthiness of the candidate. I’m more of the jump in the deep end and see if you can keep your head above water. I like a challenge. So I’m not going to rip this girl for being too young, in fact I favor younger people getting in races or holding positions that otherwise go to older people, because frankly younger people could be better but they don’t get that shot because some people rate of experience as too high priority. I’ll make a joke that shes nothing more than dumb student brainwashed by her liberal professors that thinks thats she can couple her ego with her desire to collect a paycheck from taxpayers without doing any real work -like 9 out of 10 public sector employees.

However with that being said, most 20 somethings that are politically obsessed enough to run for office look like this:   I’m not saying Dana Shultz possesses a sort of sociopathic narcissism or if she has an unquenchable lust for self glorification or even if her soul is terrifying, but signs point to that if shes like some people I know. Furthermore I think the people of her assembly district deserve more than a 20 something far left ideologue.
What Dana Schutlz needs to be ripped for is her blatant liberalism and blogging  (But I’ll admit it’s nice to see a liberal being honest). From McIlheran:

For one thing, she seems unaware that what’s online lingers. Such as the blog she apparently wrote for a class in 2006, where she mused on rural areas’ politics. Just as she wrote it: “I know all about the huntin, fishin, snowmobilin, country music beltin, beer drinkin, working class, gossipin, people who attend christian church every sunday and are racist, sexist, and homophobic, but more just ignorant because of lack of exposure.” She wrote that she understands rural brain drain: “Why would people go back to face fatter and less educated Ann Colture’s?”

Yes, she spelled Ann Coulter wrong.

Elsewhere, she posts about how “it doesn’t make sense for lower incomers to be pro-life” and how unsympathetic rubes are toward gay people. It reads like typical youthful maundering, though in Schultz’s case, youthful was only four years ago.

I wanted to ask why she’d seek to represent fatter and less educated Ann Coulters, but after she begged off my call, saying she had a meeting, I heard back only from her campaign manager, who said, “We have a really aggressive voter contact plan,” so “I just don’t think an interview’s going to work out.”

Who knows, maybe Schultz has mellowed. Her politics were “radical” back in Milwaukee, according to another of her blogs, when she was helping run the Students for a Democratic Society. Perhaps she got over it, though in her campaign, Milwaukee issues linger: She says she wants to end school choice, a move that would actually reduce state school aid to Medford by $174,000 a year (and to all outstate districts by $74 million), according to state data. But it’s a cause dear to state Democrats.

That’s your problem. You probably shouldn’t be blogging your liberal thoughts if you want to run for office and represent those rubes you once admonished. Leftists almost never say what they really believe because they know it won’t play well with their constituency. They can’t admit that 50% of peoples pay checks should go to the government. They have to pretend to be conservatives and talk about how great tax cuts are for the middle class and how the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Furthermore this girl is only a few years removed from running Students for a Democratic Society. This is a group that promotes everything except democracy, namely socialism and communism. All they really do is protest Republicans and protest wars with ignorant phrases that are small enough to fit on a bumper sticker.  That won’t go over well with the huntin’ and fishin’ rubes she wants to get votes from.

I think if a Republican was to run for office and had a blog post shared their ideology, it’d be much easier to defend it. Republicans stand by their beliefs and these beliefs resonate with many people: Lower taxes, a smaller government that gets out of the people’s way, 2nd amendment rights, a religious belief, pro life and good beer. A young Republican would never have to hide their beliefs, they’d promote them proudly and they wouldn’t look like a fake, a sellout or just a pathetic narcissistic power tripping egomaniac like Dana.


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