Barack Obama to Menomonee Falls

August 12, 2010

Does Obama know that Menomonee Falls votes 2-1 Republican in a bad year?

White House officials said Thursday that President Barack Obama will tour ZBB Energy Corp. in Menomonee Falls on Aug. 16 and address workers at the plant.

The President’s agenda that day also includes a visit to Milwaukee, where he will headline events for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a candidate for governor, as well as events for the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

ZBB Energy (AMEX: ZBB) is a provider of energy management systems and a developer of large-scale zinc bromide batteries for renewable energy applications. The firm announced in June that it had entered into a securities purchase agreement giving it access to up to $10 million in financing over the next two years.

The firm said that proceeds would be used toward advancement of its next-generation energy storage system, which is planned for commercial release in the third quarter of the fiscal year ending June 2011, and for other corporate purposes.

Read more: Obama coming to Milwaukee Aug. 16 – The Business Journal of Milwaukee

Someone on his advance team must think sending him to the reddest part of Wisconsin/The World is a good idea. Someone on his advance team is going to be fired.  Seriously Jim Sensenbrenner Reps this area. Its not like there is a hint of “moderate” anywhere within the county. Menomonee Falls will literally never elect a Democrat (minus the liberals on the Village Board who run to confuse people).

I can’t to see pictures of this, protesters will be lined up for miles!


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