The Mug Rack’s one year Blogsiversary

August 2, 2010

It was technically on July 31. We missed it. I was watching movies all day and forgot about it. But on July 31 of 2009, our First mug was poured, since then, a lot has happened:

As of this moment we’ve had 27,512 views. 254 posts, and 92 comments, Not to shabby for a first year of a blog. Here’s hoping its all up from here.  Our top day was when we posted pictures of the Brew City Flood.

Besides our home page, our top 5 posts have been: 20 Things that are popular now but WON’T (2,644) , UW-Milwaukee student arrested in Class, (1,353) Norte Dame Fan Punches Jimmy Clausen (1,163),  Trey Parker and Matt Stone Getting Death (1,094),  The Story of Tim Maymon [Update] (1,023). All cracking the 1k mark. A few others have gotten close.

My favorite post napped a whopping 3 hits. But we’ve had a lot of great posts in between and we promise there will be more to come.

Goals for the next year of our blog: Add some more writers. We’ve got a few folks on tap and if a few others would actually start blogging, we’d have a fair amount of contributing writers. We promise more posts, more updates, more girls more politics more sports more beer and more fun posts.

Also, get more involved with our twitter account. We haven’t been using it that much as of late. We promise we’ll tweet more.


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