Hurricane Milwaukee

July 23, 2010

-The Morning After-

Things aren’t good out there. Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport is closed, Scott Walker has declared a state of emergency and New sink holes are forming in Milwaukee

BREAKING NEWS: Huge Sinkhole Forms Between Homes in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE – A huge sinkhole has formed between two homes on Milwaukee’s north side.

The hole formed between homes in the 5000 block of north 19th Place.  That’s near Green Bay Avenue and Villard.

Police are considering evacuating the neighborhood.

Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s Erik Bilstad reports from the scene that one of the homes is teetering on what little is left of its foundation.

Here is the Video of Nicolet High School’s flooding:

GLENDALE – It’s a flooded mess all over the place, including Nicolet High School in Glendale, and its football team’s training camp may become a flooded mess as well.

“We were supposed to start Monday with our summer contact days, four day camp,” said Nicolet Football Coach Brian Sommers.

But he tells Wisconsin’s Morning News that he’s scrambling to get new equipment for his players.

“I can’t put an unsanitary piece of equipment on a kid.”

Most of Nicolet High School in Glendale damaged by severe flooding

Here is video from Shorewood, which became a raging rapids

The rain was over waist high in Shorewood.


General Mitchell is closed until 2 pm. See above. Here is some video to understand how bad things are out there.

Fox6 Milwaukee has a large collection of user submitted photos from yesterday’s events.

WISN has a large selection of user submitted photos as well.


There is a lot of weather happening in Milwaukee and across the state right now. It’s causing a lot of Problems. Here is a collection of what is going on because of the storms.

25,000 Remain are currently without power:

MILWAUKEE – The storms of Thursday evening have caused tens of thousands to lose their power.

We Energies reports that 25,000 customers in the area have lost power.

9,000 customers have lost power in Mukwonago.

Lots of street lights are out of power, and so people have had to treat roads that are normally controlled by lights as if they are four-way stops or uncontrolled intersections.

As many as 20 tornadoes have been reported so far

I-43 was shut down around Good Hope Road because of the high water and traffic had to be diverted.

The department of Public Works in Milwaukee told drivers to stay off the roads because manhole covers have been blowing off through the city.

There were numerous reports of cars trapped in water and even floating in the high water.

The Department of Public works requested drivers stay off the roads because of numerous reports of flooding and missing manhole covers.

So far there have been reports of tornadoes in Eagle (again) and Franklin.

Several roads and freeways are closed. It seemed like every east/west street between North Ave and Mequon and every north south street between 76th street and the river had some flooding.

Closings include:

I-43 in both directions at Good Hope Road.

-U.S. Highway 45 in both directions at Hampton Ave.

-Southbound U.S. Highway 41 (Miller Parkway) from I-94 to National Ave.

-The center and right lanes on the High Rise Bridge (I-94/I-43) through the Marquette Interchange.

-Lincoln Memorial Drive in both directions.

-The tunnel exit from northbound I-43 to Kilbourn Ave.

Lightening struck a building downtown (video)

Currently, two TV stations have been knocked off the air:

The thunderstorm and flash flooding knocked WISN-TV (Channel 12) and WDJT-TV (Channel 58) off the air Thursday evening.

WISN-TV took on water at its transmitter, said station president and general manager Jan G. Wade. The station’s signal, however, was available on Charter Cable and AT&T.

And realizing that severe weather coverage was going to be a continuing event throughout the evening, WTMJ-AM moved the Brewers broadcast to WLWK-FM (94.5), according to Steve Wexler, vice president of radio and television for Journal Broadcast Group.

Nicolet high school is completely submerged.

This was my view before the first drop hit:

Flooding in Menomonee Falls:

The JS Has started collecting pictures of Flooding in Shorewood.

Pictures of the storm (via various twitter folk)

Escalade in a sinkhole – looks 20+ feet deep and 40+ feet around outside of the East Sider.

A man was rescued from that sink hole on North Ave, where his car fell in:

Mark Pawlik, 46, was walking across the North Ave. bridge and talking to his friend on the phone when he noticed a traffic light had sunk into the ground.

Just the red, yellow and green lights were above street level. He told his friend he’d call him back. It was still pouring rain, but he wanted to stop and take a picture.

A moment later a man driving a black Escalade pulled up to the intersection at North and Oakland Aves., going east on North Ave.

“The Escalade just went wham!” Pawlik said. “Everything went down. The power line went like “pow” and then I think it was sewer water was just pouring into the hole.”

Pawlik leaned over the edge of the sink hole, which was then about 15 feet by 15 feet.

“I said, hey, man, are you OK, are you OK?”

Pawlik said the man kept saying, “What happened, what just happened?”

The driver pulled himself onto the hood and then fell down into the hole. He pulled himself back up onto the hood and Pawlik took his hand and then his belt loop to get him out of the hole. He said he was the only person in the car.

By that time, several people had gathered around the edge of the hole.

Pawlik could see that the ground had given way beneath the asphalt and yelled at people to get back.

Pawlik said he and several others tried to reach 911 but got busy signals, so a few people flagged down a city bus and asked the driver to call in the emergency.

Police arrived and put emergency tape up, and an ambulance took the driver of the Escalade away.

Pawlik, who owns a towing company, said the hole was about 20 feet deep.

Sinkhole on Oakland and North Ave, from a different angle.


The View from Germanfest

Burger Aficionados should start help AJ Bombers bail out. I can only imagine the terrible things bars on Water and 3rd are facing at the moment:

That's a lot of water. @AJBombers rescue from the storm!

The view from the front door

Flooding at the Legends at Bristlecone

The view from the Milwaukee River, looks to be up 4-6 feet from its usual levels. Thank God most of it is deep in the valley once you get towards the East Side and UWM.


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  1. This is fucking ridiculous. What up Milwaukee.

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