Who is Ernest J. Pagels Jr? And why is he running for senate? [update]

July 12, 2010


So the date to turn in your nomination signatures came and went this afternoon, and Ernie Pagels did not turn in any nomination signatures. He’s on page 6 but you can check out all of the candidates that got nomination signatures, Ernie isn’t one of them.  I wonder if he’ll sue the GAB if his name isn’t on the ballot.

This does raise questions about why he’d run the ad if he didn’t get any nomination signatures. Did someone put him up to this or does he just not know how to actually get on the ballot?


Why are all the real crazies part of the Republican Party? Frankly I’m not a huge fan of giving credence to long shot crazys but this guy is worth a few words on a blog

By now, you may have seen this video flopping around left leaning blog. Wonkette is having a field day with this guy really

But who in holy hell is this guy? He’s running for Senate as a “conservative republican” but is an extreme longshot. Also he wants to outlaw Homosexuality, Pornography and abortion.  Honestly, if he actually got his way and outlawed porn, there would only be one website left on earth and it would be bringbacktheporn.com

Google Turns up very little, mostly blogs.

Wisconsin Circuit Records show quite a resume: The man has a few non criminal offenses on his record. But what’s interesting is he really likes to sue people. Like people from Faith Action, VCY America, Keeler-Glasgow Co., McDonalds, Advo, Inc, Doctors at Medical Associates (twice), a Family, Polly Landscaping. I’m not going to debate the merit of all these lawsuits but it’s quite a list.

Wonkette also did some legwork for me:

Over the years, Pagels has sued a lot of people. Polly Landscaping was forced to pay him $159.64 in 1994. He sued those rotten Vargases, the people whose kids allegedly vandalized his car, in 2002 because they owed him money. They were forced to pay him $1,635.96. And in 2004 he successfully sued the Waukesha County Sheriff Department for $1,015.73, perhaps for something that happened on one of the occasions in which Pagels has gotten in trouble with the law.

More often his suits have failed. Defendants include a McDonald’s,physician and his office,fundamentalist Christian radio network, and Faith2Action, which bills itself as “the nation’s largest network of pro-family groups.”

Oh, he also was cited for disorderly conduct after witnesses saw him at Waukesha County Technical College urinating on someone’s tire. He sued the technical college for violating his civil rights, but that was also a failed suit

This isnt the first time Ernest J. Pagels has run for office. He primaried! Jim Sensenbrenner and raised nearly $15k.

I’m to assume that he got nomination signatures for the office. I’m to assume that he’s going to get the 2,000 (valid) nomination signatures required to get on the ballot on September 14. That means 2,000 people signed his papers… I really can’t get my head around that.


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