Tornado in Eagle WI

June 22, 2010

Heck of a storm last night. There was a big lightening show a little hail but thats it where I live but, there was a tornado in the town of Eagle, in South East Waukesha County of Wisconsin at about 9:15pm.

Here is raw amateur video of the tornado. The person on this video is getting raked through the coals because she decided to film the tornado. Frankly I would have loved to be able to film the tornado. I enjoy storms and lightening, they don’t scare me. Seeing a tornado live is something I want to check off my bucket list. I would have filmed that tornado as well.

A friend of mine from the nearby town of Genesse Depot reported a few down trees and branches but not a whole lot of damage.

The National Weather service said this about the tornado:

The NWS survey crew in the Eagle area (Waukesha County) has reported that the tornado in Eagle was rated:

EF2 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale

The tornado path/track was about 4 miles in length. One (1) home was completely destroyed and two (2) cars were flipped over.  Exact details on the tornado path will be posted as the details come in.

Based on video coming in from the local news,  there are many more than just one home destroyed. TMJ4 says as many as 50 homes destroyed.

“We really are very lucky,” said Waukesha County Sheriff Daniel Trawicki to Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s “Wisconsin’s Morning News” in describing the fact that no one died from what the National Weather Service described as an F2 tornado in Eagle.

“We came out of this very fortunate, a lot of storm damage, but no fatalities,” said Village President Richard Spurrell Tuesday morning, describing both the good news and the challenging news after the weather disaster.

Preliminary reports from the National Weather Service say the tornado was four miles in length.

Spurrell told “Wisconsin’s Morning News” that one or two people had to go to the hospital for injuries.

“All the injuries are still minor,” said Spurrell.

A press conference in the town of Eagle added this information: Tornado sirens did not go off. 2000 homes in the area are without power. After a 75% review, 25 houses are completely destroyed.


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