June 20, 2010

My favorite music festival kicks off next Thursday and with its 50 plus bands, food and beer over 11 days of fun, it’s one of the best summer music festivals out there. For the full list, you can visit the Summerfest website. However here are my highlights:

Thursday 24th

10PM: Passion Pit (102.1 US Cell Arena), Pat McCurty (Brigs and Straton)

Friday 25th:

10pm: Dirks Bentley (Brigs and Straton)

Saturday 26th:

10PM: Cage the Elephant (102.1 US cell)

Sunday 27th:

10pm Less than Jake (Miller Oasis)

Monday 28th:

10PM: Pitbull (Harley) Blue Oyster Cult (M&I Classic Rock)

Tuesday 29th:

1opm: Guster (Harley)

Thursday July 1:

10pm: OAR (Miller Oasis) Offspring (Harley) The Roots (Brigs and Straton)

Friday July 2:

10pm: Scorpions (Harley) OAR (Brigs and Straton)

Sautrday July 3:

10pm: Modest Mouse (Miler Oasis)

The JS ran a bit about the picks and pans of the festival from some vets. I wanted to add my 2 cents:

Tried and True: Phil Vasser. I’ve never seen him personally, but I’ve heard that he does a great concert. I know a lot of people that make a yearly pilgrimage to his concert.

New:  Cage the Elephant, They’ve gotten some good airtime on 102.1, so I’d like to see how they do live.

The coup: DEVO/The Scorpions. 80s rock at its finest. Whether you want to Whip it or get rocked like a hurricane, reliving some 80s band memories will be fun.

You again?: OAR. I’m not saying I don’t like OAR and I won’t see them this Summer too but another year of where they are playing 2 concerts? Can’t Summerfest bring another band it? Go see them at the Harley, if you do go see them, the stage is so much better.

Wish you were here: Reel Big Fish. Saw them for the first time 3 Summerfests ago when they played with Against All Authority, streetlight manifesto and Less than Jake. It was an awesome night of music. One of my favorite Summerfest nights that I barely remember.  there are a bunch of other band that I’d like to see too but RBF is my favorite band not at the fest.


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