Koman Coulibaly: asshole

June 18, 2010

Terrible call by Koman Coulibaly cost the US an amazing comeback victory. A tie is ok, but it should have been 3-2 against Slovenia

See what twitter thinks of him.

He probably hates America and is generally a bad person too.

He’s just lucky he didn’t make that call against a team like Columbia or Iran. Or even The Dear Leader’s DPR.

The USSoccer twitter has been informing us on the alleged no goal:


  1. Exactly, an asshole of the worst kind. Too bad FIFA cant do anything o nullify his disallowance of he goal, since videos clearly show no offenses commited by the American side.

  2. This guy is a douche bag. F#$%ing incompetent prick!

  3. shut up u guys!! u guys stop being racist….. I’m an Australian and I know that Australia is one of the racist countries in the world that cannot shut their mouth…… now stop writting stupid comments……if u do we just look like a bunch of hypocrites to the world…….coz we have more asshole f***ing refs that cannot ref for s..t! like in the olympics…. our bloddy ref who refed in the short track got it all wrong and showed how bad Australians looked!!

  4. and plus who won’t hate america?? they are just a bunch of prics and hypocrites who kills and blames on innocent ppl

  5. plus the DPR government hates america more than africans u d##chebag


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