Behold! Liberal Blogger Capper find himself in hot water

June 17, 2010

Biggest.  Hypocrite.  Ever.

Angry liberal Capper/Cognitive Dissonance/Milwaukee County First/WisconsinBBN blogger has been blogging at work. Shit with all those blogs, I can’t imagine how he found time to work. If you spend 5 minutes on his blog you’ll realize he HATES Scott Walker. Like seriously hates. It’s like an obsession level hate. Its like Capper has a crush on Walker but gets angry at himself for having such a crush. 95 mentions of the Republican Gubernatorial candidate alone on his first page of blogs alone.  Capper even mentioned Walker playing “fast and loose with campaign laws” about a Walker staffer resigning over commenting on blogs.

Well karma has realigned and the watchdog has bit Capper in the ass. Got this from Sykes Writes:

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County District Attorney is investigating a Milwaukee County health department employee suspected of operating three political internet blogs during work hours.

“Wisconsin law prohibits public employees from using taxpayer resources for political purposes,” said Chris Kliesmet, executive administrator of the Citizens for Responsible Government Network. “A government employee running political blogs at work is clearly taxpayer-funded political activity. “

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has taken possession of the government computer used by Christopher Liebenthal, a Milwaukee County employee who operates the three political blogs. Computer records show he was posting to his blog during work hours and possibly from taxpayer-funded computers. Orville Seymer, a CRG Network leader, filed the complaint.

“If he is guilty of bilking the taxpayers, Liebenthal should man up and quit,” said Kliesmet. “The taxpayers should not be subsidizing his campaign blathering on work time.”

Sykes is cool enough to point out this is how he portrays himself on his blog:

This is him:

I love pointing out liberal hypocrisy.


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