No More W-QBW “The Brew”

May 28, 2010

How could a radio station named “The Brew” not work in Milwaukee? Tim Cuprisin of On Milwaukee explained things.

Following on the heels of WJZX-FM (10.6.9), which dropped its “smooth jazz” format yesterday, WQBW-FM (97.3) has dropped its rock identity.
There’s already a Facebook page for the station’s new top-40 identity, dubbed “Radio Now.” Among artists being played are Adam Lambert and Beyonce.

The coming of a new way of measuring radio ratings, Arbitron’s portable people meters, could lead to more shuffling of the radio dial, both before they take over this year — and after the new numbers start coming in.

Funny thing was Mark Belling (of WISN, another Clear Channel station) was saying how ratings are going to be off because of the internet and smart phone application based listeners aren’t measured.(by the way, download IHeartRadio, great ap)

I wonder what 106.9 will become. They used to be The Point (a great station. Possibly the greatest station in Milwaukee history) before they switched to the Jammin Oldies then Jazz. At some time 106.9 fm used to be a classical music station. Its a niche market but Milwaukee hasn’t had classic music in along time.

The Brew born Sept 20th 2005 (I think) after the death of Light 97  (dental office music) and died on May 28th 2010. The Brew was one of my favorite radio stations, a great selection of classic rock  (but I never liked the morning show)

It’s ok though. Its not like there isn’t a lack of Classic Rock in Milwaukee. The Brew stole listeners from Lazer after Bob and Brian signed off for the day, but those listeners reverted back when Lazer became the Hog.  The Brew started playing a larger variety of rock (crappy stuff like Nickelback), and added a crappy morning show, which probably didnt help. It’s not like Milwaukee doesn’t already have enough classic rock stations. WKLH, WRIT, The Hog will have to fill the void.

97.3 The Brew’s website is still there. But it has become Now 97.3. KISS Fm has always had a monopoly on the top 40 market and tweener crowd. I think a competitor will be a good option. As long as the new station has a bit more rock and avoids playing a metric shit-ton of R&B and less than douchey personalities, I’ll leave 97.3 on my presets. I used to text one of the girls on KISS fm (after like 2am when she was on), but she hasn’t been on in awhile

Wonder if I could get in on that radio action. I always wanted to have a radio show. I had one in college, maybe I could revive my talk radio skills. Mark Belling also mentioned recently how there are virtually no next generation conservative commentators on the radio. Like the Republican party, it’s a lot of old white guys.

Dancing Kevin will also be missed:

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