I didn’t want to comment on Former WICR Chair Lora Rae Anderson again but…

May 24, 2010

but maybe she’ll need a job one day and someone will google “Lora Rae Anderson” and they’ll see that shes a traitorous Benedict Arnold turncoat.

Which is why she left the Republican Party to begin with, no one at RPW offered her a job, and apperantly the Dems will hire just about anyone these days… just look at Mike Tate.

So Friday, in some ridiculous way Graeme Zielinski, DPW press secretary and all around d-bag, tried to steal some of the RPW convention thunder by whoring out Lora Rae for another annoucement. She’s officially a democrat (yawn).

Above the belt hits the nail on the head:

The former college Republican chair,( who nobody ever heard of before today) said she thinks the party is too extreme for moderates. She’s joining the Wisconsin Democrats who are notorious for their moderate policy positions and tolerance of those who disagree with them.

Lora Rae also expressed concerns about instances of Republicans using cultural or racial slurs on their facebook pages.

I’m sure she’ll be much more comfortable with the Democratic Party and its chairman Mike Tate, the man who called grassroots activists “Tea Baggers” and accused Scott Walker of sanctioning rape.

Lora Rae made her announcement via the Youtube, where she read TALKING POINTS! The fact that she like, um, read like um these uh talking points without an um upward inflection means she must have like practiced a few times or like something. (Thats funnier if I

If I find the video of Current WICR Charlotte Evans throwing her lovingly under the bus at RPW convention, I’ll post it. She had a great speech saying “CRs aren’t RINOs, they aren’t moderates, they aren’t Lora Rae Andersons.”

Yeah I know, no one gives a shit. She’s dead to the Republican Party. I’ll love seeing how this move turns out on November 3rd. It’s like she’s trying to get on the Titanic AFTER it hit an iceberg.

Furthermore… Crap she made MSNBC


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