West Allis Bar burns Obama Effigy, hilarity does not ensue

May 21, 2010

Selective outrage from Milwaukee’s “press” over an Obama effigy makes shows how crappy news around here is.

Fox 6 had the biting breaking starling chilling news from chopper 6 with power zoom and VIPER doppler

The burning of a President Obama effigy catches the attention of the secret service. The owner of the tavern named Yester Years says she has been in West Allis for 32 years, and has never had anything like this happen. She’s been getting threats for something she says was blown out of proportion.

Some neighbors wonder why there is so much attention being paid to this. West Allis resident Richard Anderson said, “I think it’s being blown out of proportion, because people are trying to make something of it more than what it was…just out of curiosity this morning I checked on the web and check ‘Bush burned effigy’, and I must have found 1000 links to pictures of President Bush being burned.”

The West Allis Police Department released a statement this afternoon, saying that they continue to investigate the incident. The Secret Service is no longer pursuing the matter. The Secret Service has declined to comment on the case.

Race baiters at the NAACP have already called this racist.

Milwaukee NAACP President Jerry Ann Hamilton says, “I think it should be investigated and the person who was responsible for it should have an explanation for doing it.”

Let me help  Jerry Ann out and explain why someone would do this. Because Obama sucks and we can’t do anything about it until we kick his ass out of office in 2012.

How thin skinned is the Obama Administration (and all the race baiters out there) that the Secret Service has to go after these sorts of things?  Especially when things like what’s pictured below have been covered by the First Amendment:

Main Image

And average liberal democrats never protested, called for Bush’s assassination or burn W effigies during his administration…. wait a second…

Pictured Average Liberal Democrat douchebag.  How many of them were investigated by the Feds? I didn’t know the First Amendment only applied to liberals.


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