Food Wars coming to Milwaukee: AJ Bombers vs. Sobelmans

May 4, 2010

Food Wars: This show will decide the best burger in Milwaukee (probably, unless AJ Bombers wins, then we’ll want a rematch KIDDING)

From Jeff Sherman on On Milwaukee:

“Food Wars,” the new Travel Channel show featuring host Camille Ford, has been in Milwaukee recently filming and trying to solve our city’s “burger war” between two of the city’s best hamburgers: Sobelman’s and AJ Bombers.

“Food Wars,” describes itself this way: “There’s a debate brewing across the country, and it’s taking place in Everytown, USA, with legions of loyal fans passionately defending the local eateries and the iconic dishes that make their towns famous. From Detroit’s hot dog war — Lafayette’s vs. American Coney Island’s — to one of the most famous battles in the country — the Philly cheesesteak war between Pat’s and Geno’s — it’s time to end these rivalries once and for all as Travel Channel presents ‘Food Wars.'”

It’s going to be like watching a calm seasoned vetran going up against  a cocky confident upstart with everything to prove. That’s Dave Sobelman vs. Joe Sorge. The fight is getting mean, people are marking their allegiance. It’s a damn Milwaukee Burger Civil War. Feelings will be hurt when this is over.

Food Wars is schedule to film at AJ Bombers on May 6, Sobelman’s on May 7 (at 11am) and at a neutral location (Bar Louie) on May 8  (at 11:30 am) for the final burger face off. I feel like I have to attend at least at one of those filmings. Probably on the 7th or 8th. From Sobelman’s facebook.

Dave Attempted to give Joe a chance to surrender without Embarrassment, which includes a promise to relinquish the twitter account.

OnMilwaukee Covered this:

Veteran burgermeister Dave Sobelmanhas sent his cyberiffic challenger Joe Sorge a “surrender offer” in the upcoming Sobelman’s vs. AJ Bombers episode of Travel Channel’s “Food Wars.”

No, it wasn’t a serious offer. And nobody’s surrendering.

But it was a chance for Sobelman to tweak Sorge for his reliance on Twitter and for allegedly putting peanut butter on a hamburger.

It’s all part of the campaign surrounding the filming this week of the Travel Channel show.

The “Food Wars” crew is scheduled to be in town Thursday through Saturday. The third day of shooting will be at Bar Louie, 1114 N. Water St., for the official resolution of the TV conflict.

If you’re a partisan on either side of Milwaukee’s burger wars and you want to declare your allegiance on camera, send an e-mail to foodfancasting@gmail.com

Honestly, both those burgers above look delicious, both resturants have a knack for creating outside the norm burgers. Sobels 3 cheese, bacon, onions and jalapenos tastes amazing. But AJ bombers creates some tasty options as well (yeah a fried on a burger sounds weird, but it’s awesome). Sobelmans has great sides (SOBEL FRIES!) and a great fish fry as well, but Bombers has great non-traditional burger options.

Both restaurants are good and both have great menus (outside of burgers). But I remember my first bite of Sobelman’s better than my first bite of AJ Bombers.  Honestly for me these places go 1a and 1b, nothing else in Milwaukee comes close to these two places. But the one thing that sets Sobels above Bombers is the Buns. If AJs started using sobel buns, they’d taste that much better and it’d be an outright tie. My edge goes to Sobels.

That and the twitter cult that AJ Bombers has created annoys me, they’re pretty intense.

Food Wars is schedule to film at AJ Bombers on May 6, Sobelman’s on May 7 and at a neutral location (Bar Louie) on May 8 for the final burger face off.

Perhaps if Bombers Wins, Sobelmans will give them some of their unique specialty buns to use. And maybe of Sobels wins, AJ Bombers will shut down the twitter til the show airs?



  1. Name was changed. i was thinking of the football player Sorgi. Got confused.
    The word “douchey” was debated amongst contributing authors (there are actually a few of us). they are intense though. Esp with chalking

    • Ed note: We apologize for getting JOE’s name wrong. That was an honest mistake.

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