More on former WICR Chair Lora Rae Anderson’s defection

April 30, 2010

She issued another press release

Mike Tate watched covered it. Read what he has to say. I kind of echo it.

Ok so I’ve been asked to comment further. I’m torn though, because if I talk about her that stretches out her 15 minutes and I give her credibility. But then again, It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want and as long as this doesn’t garner any more traction and interest than it has, we’ll be safe and I won’t feel like an enabler.

To start that I’ll run a copy of Lora Rae’s most recent press release:

On 24 April, 2010, Lora Rae Anderson issued a press release expressing some grievances about some individuals within the Republican Party and the party’s direction as a whole. Since that date, there have been numerous responses from both sides of the isle in reaction to Anderson, both publicly and privately.

“I don’t apologize for anything I mentioned,” said Anderson “I believe it was the right thing to do.”

Anderson expressed interest in personally responding to a few comments and issues that have come up. “The Chairman of the Eau Claire County Republicans made some inappropriate comments that I wished to address because those comments had not been apologized for properly. However, that apology is clearly not coming, and the last thing I want is for this to turn into a ‘he said she said’ battle. The press release quite obviously addressed a bigger issue, the direction of the Republican Party. That is what discussion should be about; we should be concerned with making political parties more inclusive for people who feel they don’t have a place in politics. If we involve these people, we can have a more representative electorate. The way the Republican Party is operating simply does not allow that progress to happen.”

Anderson was next concerned with responses in a few blogs and other press releases relating to her own, “I understand that everyone has their own respectable opinions, but the sentiments expressed in some ‘right wing’ blogs only prove my point that the party is purposefully pushing out moderates. When moderates are forced out, political parties are not going to have the dialogue which allows their policies to be open- minded and accommodating to constituents. I also ask that everyone try to allow this conversation to remain pointed, and thus, I request that when someone comments about what I have had to say, that they keep to the subject and not call out specific people that I haven’t unless it is obviously pertinent to the topic at hand.”

Questions, mostly privately, were asked about Anderson’s motivations for publicizing these issues in the manner that she did. “I have spoken to members of the Republican Party about moderating our platform. I have at points also suggested we maybe just do an event catering to more moderate Republicans. This whole year I have either been denied, or, when individuals found out about the subject of our potential meeting, the meeting never even happened,” Anderson explained, “Numerous people have told me that as I chaired the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans, I might have some sway. I thought I might as well, but as it turns out; that sway was very limited. After greatly improving the efficiency of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans, I was under the impression I might be allowed to hold people accountable.”

The Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans has a new group of leadership who was elected Saturday, April 24th. “These people are amazing,” said Anderson, “I understand that they have had to do a significant amount of ‘dealing with’ my previous press release. This was obviously expected to some extent, but from my understanding it has gone overboard. My opinions don’t and were not meant to reflect the opinions of the new executive board, in fact, we normally don’t discuss policy; we just campaign. Putting them on the spot because of me is unfair and I ask that whoever is doing it, stop, and let me ‘clean up my own mess.’ Please, move forward with the work you feel needs to be finished and let the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans do the same with you.”

In a final comment, Anderson said, “I have humbly received an unanticipated number of enthusiastic phone calls, emails, and messages from both Democrats and Republicans thanking me for my words. To those who have been hostile, I am sorry we’re in conflict. To those of all political persuasions who have been supportive whether or not you agree, thank you for being wonderful people and wonderful friends. To the large number of Republicans who have agreed, please, don’t keep your thoughts to yourself.”

The first comment I want to make is quote from Ronald Reagan that Vicki McKenna told me once. Don’t make your 80% friend, your 20% enemy. I’m all for the Big Tent and I understand that not everyone in the Republican Party will agree on everything but like most if not all conservatives I want to stress the important of small government minimally intrusive fiscally responsible. But when someone is your 60% friend, and they throw you’re 90% friends under the bus and becomes a traitor to the principles she represented, you and your 90% friends attack back. And thats what “conservative” bloggers are doing. Defending their friends. Also, we don’t want to be lectured by the same person that’s thrown the party under the bus.

I’ll comment more later.


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