Trey Parker and Matt Stone Getting Death Threats over South Park

April 21, 2010


Pictured above: Muhammad.

Fox News (via WWTDD) has been reporting that South Park Geniuses Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been receiving death threats over NOT showing  an actual image  (see above) of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad, even though they did show him the past without any uproar (see below).

A radical Islamic website is warning the creators of “South Park” that they could face violent retribution for depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit during an episode broadcast on Comedy Central last week.

The Web posting also included a graphic photo of Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was murdered in 2004 after making a documentary on violence against Muslim women.

“We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show,” the posting reads. “This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.”

Reaching by phone early Tuesday, Abu Talhah al Amrikee, the author of the post, said he wrote the entry to “raise awareness.” He said the grisly photograph of van Gogh was meant to “explain the severity” of what Parker and Stone did by mocking Muhammad.

“It’s not a threat, but it really is a likely outcome,” al Amrikee said, referring to the possibility that Parker and Stone could be murdered for mocking Muhammad. “They’re going to be basically on a list in the back of the minds of a large number of Muslims. It’s just the reality.”

Al Amrikee said the website is considering a protest against the “disgusting” show, which also depicted the Prophet Muhammad in an episode on July 4, 2001.

“This is not a small thing,” he said. “We should do whatever we can to make sure it does not happen again.”

The posting on RevolutionMuslim.com also includes audio of a sermon by Anwar al-Awlaki — a radical U.S.-born preacher now believed to be hiding in Yemen — who discusses assassinating individuals who defame the Prophet Muhammad. It also included a link to a 2009 story in the Huffington Post that gave details of Stone and Parker’s mansion in Colorado.

Religion of peace my ass.

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch the 200th episode here. It was amazing. South Park does a great job with social commentary.

God forbid these guys should offend a Muslim and Comedy Central will do everything they can to censor South Park but judges telling a Christian that they cant wear a cross at work happens without uproar. South Park has gone after every major religion, especially Catholosism. In the KFC/Pot legalization episode Cartman can even be quoted saying: “Is that something I want to do? Does a bear shit in the woods? And does the pope shit on the hopes and dreams of 200 deaf boys?” Was I offended enough to threaten the lives of the South Park writers? No. And it’s not the first time they’ve attacked my religion. But that’s nothing compared to the whole Episode on how Mormonism is... well…

Matt and Trey are two of the most intelligent people making a television show today. What ever happened to not watching or participating in things that offend you? Everyone has to have an agenda nowadays, but the problem is, South Park is an equal opportunity offender. They go after everyone and don’t give a shit about it. Thats what I love about the show. (And about the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the American Constitution.  America, F*ck YEAH!)

pictured above: Joseph Smith, Vishnu?, Jesus, Mohammad



  1. THANK YOU! I think that this entire thing is just preposterous. No matter what Revolution Islam may say, they are encouraging people who might like to harm Matt and Trey and they themselves are sending veiled threats. I’m a Canadian so I have had my fair share of abuse from the show, but I think it’s hilarious. These conflicts over minor issues have got to stop. As we begin to move to a more secular world, these things are going to happen and I think that there should be nothing to prevent freedom of speech and satire. In reality the entire situation regarding images of Muhammed in the media is ridiculous. I can understand how it may be offensive, but it seems as though Trey and Matt only intended to mock this concept, rather than the actual prophet. In closing, I think that people need to let these things go. If you’re willing to murder someone for showing a depiction of a historical person, there is probably something wrong with both you and your religion. Be tolerant. Be open to criticism. Religious violence is absurd and it needs to stop. I support Matt and Trey entirely and I will continue to do so as long as they continue to provide valid social commentary on controversial issues. For South Park’s critics: I can understand why you would find the show crude and offensive, but after digging through the bullshit, there really is a message.

  2. What I dont understand is why Muslims expect me or any other non-muslim to give a flying fuck about some stupid rule THEIR religion mandates… I certainly dont get mad because they deny Christ is the messiah so why the hell should I have to follow their belief systems when I dont practice their religion? Get over yourselves and your backward ass “religion” muslims. You aren’t the first people to believe in something and you wont be the last. However you are the only religion that requires that the rest of the world subscribe to your stupidity, the rest of us are live and let live. Keep in mind this planet is not just for muslims.

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  4. Just wanted to air my views, im a muslim, i watch South park and i love it. I watched the recent episode and it was funny however it is disrespectful. I understand that matt and trey dont give a shit and thats why we like them. The reason their is offence and by the way i also get offended if there is ridicule against other religions too..
    Its just a matter of respect, which i think this world has lot of. People thinking they can do what they like when they like and not caring who they hurt in the process.

    For example, i could go up to trey parker and show him a picture of someone molesting his mother… it might be funny to some people if it is intended as a joke and is not real. But Trey wouldnt feel that way, he would feel hurt… and probably beat the shit out of me.
    All i am saying is that it is a matter of respect, how far do we have to go to ensure we get laughs and sell tv shows?

    I still support south park greatest program ever, but please stop putting people into boxes and just try to have respect and tolerance for people… Thats what affords us our freedom and how we came to live in countries that are great places to live in… Send me an email [MY EMAIL] if you wish to continue the debate constructively and with respect for each other

    —Editors note—
    Abu – I removed your email because I didn’t want you to get spam, I have it however

  5. Fuck all religions. This is the perfect example of people being more than willing to kill in the name of their imaginary friends while preaching the “peaceful” nature of their faith. It is time for humanity to evolve past this pathetic need for some greater force to validate their empty existences. Fuck muslims, fuck jews, fuck christians and just for good measure, fuck every other religion. (especially scientology. Tom cruise is a douche)

  6. Seriously. I think that this is just stupid. Yah, thay make fun of almost everything, but that’s what makes it so funny and interesting. They do stuff that no other show would dare do. I have Muslims at my school, and they don’t care if the show makes fun of their religion. They just know that it’s very funny. So seriously, stop the threats. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are geniouses. They should be praised, not threaten with death.

  7. As John Stewart said anyone who poses death threats in the name of religion GO FUCK YOURSELVES

  8. Language, Language sm0ke42o… Do you really want to get angry at me and the muslim religion. Seriously, the majority of us are normal, go to work, pay taxes, enjoy our weekends.. From all the vile you are spewing i doubt you know one single muslim…. All my friends are Christian by the way… My wife is a devout christian… so dont go labelling me with the phrase ‘your backward ass “religion”. ‘ i did not spew anything bad about any religion, as i said it is a matter of respect… of which you dont have any.. Why dont you crawl back into your hole, find something constructive to say and maybe we can have a real debate when you grow up!!!

    What I dont understand is why Muslims expect me or any other non-muslim to give a flying fuck about some stupid rule THEIR religion mandates… I certainly dont get mad because they deny Christ is the messiah so why the hell should I have to follow their belief systems when I dont practice their religion? Get over yourselves and your backward ass “religion” muslims. You aren’t the first people to believe in something and you wont be the last. However you are the only religion that requires that the rest of the world subscribe to your stupidity, the rest of us are live and let live. Keep in mind this planet is not just for muslims.

    by sm0ke42o April 22, 2010 at 1:43 am

  9. Abu Tayub, you made an error in your argument saying that you love the fact that Matt and Trey don’t give a shit and then loathing that in the next sentence. You need to work on making a coherent argument before attempting a debate.

    Just be honest, you were offended that Muhammad was used in the episode to make a valid point, even though he wasn’t even shown. By the way, I think that the joke was about Muslim EXTREMISTS and not the Muslim faith. So, they riled up some extremists… good for them! People should poke fun at any groups that hide behind a religion to justify their violent acts. Speaking of violent acts, molesting someone is pretty violent. Bear costumes are not.

  10. I’m Canadian, and the song blame Canada, offended me to a certain degree, but I got over it. I’m old enough to know what a joke is, and it was funny, like muhammad being depicted in an episode that was censored. In the middle east, if I were to got there, I would have to obey the rules, and laws in the middle east, if not, I DIE. Muslims come to the west (North America), and we let you practice your religion. These muslim extremists, are taking our rights for granted, and sending death threats, why aren’t these guys going to court for sending death threats? why aren’t the murderers who killed Theo Van Gogh, in jail? What happened to them? I wouldn’t be surprised if they killed themselves, but the fact of the matter is, in the western civilization there’s something called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Get over it…Muslims should be grateful that we allow your bullshit here, Muslims should be grateful, that NATO isn’t cutting you guys off trade agreements, if I was president, or a prime minister after putting up with all these whiny complaints, I’d cut the middle east. I would fight to have NO COUNTRY to do business with the middle east. Something like the Berlin wall, or the great wall of china would be built around muslims. So on that note, you muslims have it pretty fucking nice; so shut the fuck up, grow up, or better yet read, cause I think muslims are uneducated – go back to school.

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  12. The best part about religion is that they are all tied to the same thing. (I am not including bullshit religions like scientology) Religion is based on astrology. When our ancestors started to be self aware and began having coherent thoughts there were only a handful of things to think about. Food, life, death, and procreation. When confusing things happened they had nothing other than the earth and the sky to blame it on. Some of them began to ask the earth for answers and some asked the stars. What else was there to call upon? Well over time this basic idea of a higher power led the different tribes of people, which spread across the land, to form their own ideas, legends, and mythologies. Somehow the Western World took up christianity and everywhere else I dont know about took up what they believe. EVERY SINGLE RELIGION IS BASED ON THE SAME BASIC PRINCIPLES. I can understand that most people will not accept this because its so much easier to follow what their parents or friends or government tells them to follow but a person that is interested in this subject should do a little digging. I may be spelling this wrong but check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kHhc67GopM OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!! PRETEND YOUR AN INFANT AGAIN WITH A WHOLE WIDE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND BUT THIS TIME YOU CAN CONTROL WHERE YOU LOOK AND WHAT YOU LISTEN TO INSTEAD OF WHAT YOUR PARENTS, FRIENDS, TV, SCHOOL, GOVERNMENT, AND ANY OTHER FACTOR TELL YOU TO BELIEVE!!!!

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