April 2010 Spring Elections Guide

April 6, 2010

There are about a zillion races going on tomorrow across the state of Wisconsin.

A few of them are getting serious attention, and there are a few that I want to weigh in on. Since there is really no statewide race, and there isn’t even a major county executive race, there

Southeast Wisconsin / Court of Appeals, District 2

My Pick: Paul Reilly. In this race it’s pretty up in the air, and his opponent is outspending him at a pretty alarming wait. The word is that either vote in this race and you’ll get yourself a conservative judge, thats a good thing. But Linda Van De Water really turned me off because of the ridiculous attack ads and websites like this. Widgerson has also commented on her political career timeline. If you want to know more about each candidate, you can watch the video from the Eagle Candidate forum here.

Waukesha County Judge:

Mark Gundrum: Solid Conservative and a great family man. Met him last year and still talk to him whenever I’m at an Republican event. If there is a judge that needs to win, it’s him. His opponent is a liberal Doyle appointee, Waukesha county can’t have that.

Waukesha Mayor:

I can’t vote in this race, but it’s the only one getting major attention. It’s kind of a choice between two bad candidates here. You have a politically debatable conservative inexperienced lightweight (and it shows) verus a scrubby poorly dressed leftist incumbent, who wants to build every sort of mass transit that Doyle tells him to. I’ll take an inexperienced conservative in Scrima over the leftest Nelson, who’ll crawl 6 miles up Doyle’s ass if he could.

Menomonee Falls village board:

I only talk about this race because again, you’ve got two shitty candidates. But both are Conservative. It just depends on what kind of criminal you want on the Village Board. You can have this kind of criminal (a drunk) or this kind of criminal (campaign money stealer). Either way you’ve got garbage candidates. I’ve seen a lot of Jefferson Davis signs out in Menomonee Falls, which bothers me. Still though, If Jefferson brings this election within 35% I’ll eat a grilled Davis yard sign.

Menomonee Falls School Board, lots of candidates, Pick 3 (read that to brush up on every candidate)

Lori Blodorn – I’m not voting for her unless she proves that she isn’t an east coast liberal, which her education indicates she is. Last thing I want is taxes in Menomonee Falls going up… or an elected liberal. Electing a liberal in Menomonee Falls (or anywhere) pretty much disgusts me.

Robert Schneider: Voting for him, says he likes Scott Walker and George W. Bush (among other issues that I agree with him on)

Faith VanderHorst: The only incumbent, good ideas too. I support the town hall listening sessions and developing the TJ Hiawatha area if the School district isn’t going to use it.

Mike Dillhyon: new to the community I believe, wants to have town hall meetings. I like that. Has a good business sense and some good ideas. ““We must get away from this idea that benefits are untouchable” I like that quote

Scott Ternes: “Fiscally conservative, but not fanatically so” I like that, even if he was fanatically so I’d take that too.

I think I’ve come up with my 3 candidates.

Everything else on my ballot is unopposed, which makes me wonder WTF? Can’t we get some candidates in business? That whole numbered trustee seats is bullshit? Wonder who came up with that crap?

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