UW-Milwaukee student arrested in Class [Updated]

March 16, 2010

I’m glad I’m a Marquette Grad.

Stay classy UW-Milwaukee student!

Warning: Language!

Apologies but the below video has been removed by the user before I could save it personally. [Updated]: video was found at new source.

You may check out local news stories about UW-Milwaukee student here, here, here, and here.

Applause for the subtle camera work.

I wonder if this will turn into “Don’t tase me bro! UWMilwaukee edition”

Further update: I have found out that the Professor in the video is Kathleen Foley-Winkler, who teaches (or taught) anthropology at Marquette as well. I actually had her in class a few years ago when I was taking her intro to anthro class.  Her class wasn’t incredibly difficult, if you read or went to class and paid attention you’d pass the class with a pretty good grade. (Granted for a UWM student that has to be too much) Though I remember her raising her voice once or twice, I don’t remember her as an intimidating or mean professor. She is younger and petite and had the confrontation escalated, this girl would have been able to over power her.

After watching the full video I am completely on the side of the professor (on the presumption that she didn’t provoke the incident). When she said “you’re going to have to drag my a$$ out of here” that pretty much gives the cops free reign to haul her butt out of class and charge her for resisting and a few other charges.



  1. This women deserved worse than what she got, she is supposed to be in college and have some sense. She disgraced herself, her family, and is an embarrassment to me as a black man. She does not represent me and is not of me, people need to watch Chris Rock’s “Black People vs. N.-word” skit. He lays out the sentiment of many decent and kind black people who are frustrated with this type of ignorance and being associated with it.

  2. It’s really unfortunate that she’s black – then it would be easier to see this video for what it is. I’ve never seen anything like this in a school setting. She just makes it 10x more difficult for other students.

  3. This does not need to be generalized as all UWM students. Most are perfectly capable and of achieving high standards. The choice of college does not represent your intelegence level.

  4. Brittany
    – that was sarcasm there

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