Wisconsin Lt. governor’s race getting heated

March 15, 2010

I believe I said this earlier, but the Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Governor’s race (primary) is going to be more interesting than the Governor’s race (primary).  Once the Republican and Democrat candidates get a running mate, that will all change but right now, Republican Lt. Governor candidates and their supporters are vying to win the endorsement of Republican front runner Scott Walker.

I recently received a letter from two prominent members of the Republican Party of Waukesha County, both members of the executive committee.

I was confused when I got the letter, because of the Scott Walker for Governor sticker where the return address should be. The letter was an invitation an event to discuss the importance of attending the Republican State Convention, the dates and locations of both.

The second paragraph was devoted to the importance of delegates supporting both Walker for Governor and Brett Davis for Lt. Governor. The exclusive event would be attended by Davis and Walker representatives and encouraged everyone to have a face to face discussion with Brett.

The letter was signed (We’re doing this as private citizens). It took me 2 reads before I saw that. It could have been interpreted as an endorsement of Davis from Walker, but in this case only a few of Walker’s background players are endorsing Brett.

There was a piece of lit included for both Scott Walker and Brett Davis.


On Sunday, there was a taxpayers rally with Scott Walker and Lt. Governor candidate Rebecca Kleefisch. Rebecca used this opportunity to buddy up to Walker and pass out a Waukesha Freeman article that tries to imply endorsement. I will find a copy of this article as soon as I can, as well as any videos of the event.

Scott Walker(‘s people) tweeted a simple response of: We have 4 great Lt Gov candidates. Off 2 event w/@rebeccaforreal. Did 1 w/@votedavis. Will do soon w/ @fodaveross & @VoteBenCollins.

I’m not sure when Walker did an event with Brett Davis.

I don’t want to bash the candidates or their supporters for doing this. If I was a candidate, I would do the same thing Kleefisch did and I would hope my supporters would write the same type of letters on my behalf. Every candidate needs to get the 15 minutes, pictures and youtube video next to Walker to support their campaign. The guns are out and all the candidates are going to be fighting hard to win support of delegates and attendees at the Republican State convention. I hope things get more entertaining.

After seeing all the candidates in person I have reversed some of my earlier opinions. Brett is a great candidate with a lot of good ideas. I had a staffer of an assemblyman explain to me why Brett running and winning is good because it would mean that Republican Assembly Committee wouldn’t have to spend a large amount of money to help Brett get elected every two years. Instead Wisconsin could have a great politician like him in a high seat while the money spent to hold his seat could be spent on 2-3 other candidates.

Rebecca Kleefisch is a good candidate as well. She definitely knows how to work an audience and is very good at trapping liberals and has been an active TEA partier. I would support her if she made it back to TV/Radio as well. I think she’d have a successful radio show.

I like both Ben Collins and Dave Ross as well. Ross brings geographical balance to the ticket. He could spend a lot of time in Northern Wisconsin on behalf of Walker. Ben Collins is a military veteran, also great with a crowd, and brings great leadership quality and ideas to the table.


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