A new face on the $50?

March 3, 2010

Congressman Patrick McHenry thinks so.

A North Carolina Congressman is pushing to add Ronald Reagan's face to the $50 bill.

The North Carolina Republican wants Ronald Reagan to replace Ulysses Grant on the $50 bill.

“Every generation needs its own heroes,” McHenry said in a statement.

“One decade into the 21st century, it’s time to honor the last great president of the 20th and give President Reagan a place beside Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy.”

“President Reagan was a modern-day statesman,” he said, “whose presidency transformed our nation’s political and economic thinking.”

This isn’t the first time a lawmaker has moved to get Reagan’s face on American money. Efforts to have the 40th President of the United States on the $20 bill and the dime both drew criticism and failed.

Currently 15 members of congress support the bill. Here is the exact text of the legislation.

If it was up to me I’d put Reagan on more than the $50. He’d get space on the $1, $2, $20 $50 and $100, plus a coin. I do think the design of the $50 with Reagan looks pretty cool.


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