Wisconsin Assembly allows ethnic cleansing of HS Mascots

February 27, 2010

This past week, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bill on the use of Ethnic names nicknames, logos and mascots. This bill would allow a resident of a school district to bypass their local school board and file a complaint directly with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) that their school districts nickname, logo, or mascot is offensive. After the complaint is received, a hearing takes place between DPI and the local school board.  The school board would have the burden of proving that the logo does not promote discrimination.

Across the state and nation, there are hundreds of schools at every level and professional sports teams who’s mascot is an Indian, which is clearly what this legislation is targeted at. There’s no way a person of Greek heritage could complain about Spartans or an Irish descendent could complain about “Fighting Irish” and be treated the same way. Or what about other High Schools with ‘offensive’ nicknames like Cubans of Cuba City? The Laona Fighting Kellys? Oconomowoc Coons? The Butternut Mighty Midgets? The Deforest Norskies? That last one sounds offensive to Norwegians (I can imagine how traumatic Vikings are too). Will these be complained about and investigated with the same intensity as any high school that has hint of a Native American ethnic reference? This is just another example of how democrats are bending at the whim to the ‘Native American’ lobby and allowing DPI to go through a high school logo witch hunt and force an ethnic cleansing of mascots?

In Wisconsin this means that 45 schools that use an “Indian” based mascot could be targeted. The Breakdown looks like this: CORRECTION: There are 36 schools with Indian based names. The below list is inaccurate but still gives you ideas of how things line up. It should be noted that there is an amendment for schools with specific Native American name to keep that name if the tribe approved it.

Braves – 2
Apaches – 1
Chiefs – 5

Indians – 17
Warriors – 8
Red Raiders/Redmen – 7
Blackhawks – 4
Warhawks – 1

The issue I take with this piece of legislation is that the assembly is being overly politically correct and allowing some uptight citizens to go after some pieces of low hanging fruit in public schools logos and mascots.  Anyone that would want to complain about those mascots can now go straight to DPI to do that. Politically Correct bureaucrats will now scrutinize every bit of the mascot and logo and the burden of proof will now be High Schools to argue that their logos and team names aren’t offensive. I find it a joke that the assembly would pass such a bill. The part I find most annoying is that this bill allows anyone who wants to complain to go straight to DPI and complain about a racially insensitive mascot, regardless if they are part of the offended race or not. All they need to be is a resident of the area. It’s clear that this opens the door for some self-righteous liberal political correctness Nazi to complain and cause headaches for a school district they may not even have a stake in. This will cost time, energy and money that high schools don’t have since the bill says that schools will be fined between $100 and $1,000 EACH DAY that is uses said ‘offensive mascot.’

The bill passed along close to party lines with five Republicans (Brooks, Montgomery, Mursau, Rhodes and Van Roy) breaking with the party and voting for the bill. Give these clowns, along with the usual assembly dems, a round of applause for having zero foresight into how much this could cost school districts.

Don’t you think that Native Americans (if they supported this bill at all?) have bigger fish to fry than a high school with goes by the nickname Indians? At the professional level when there are teams like the Redskins or the Cleveland Indians (or any number of Universities), allowing people to go after high school mascots seems foolish.

On a side note Ole Miss University is close to trading in their classic Colonel Reb mascot for a different kind of Rebel.



  1. Florida State has a similar issue with the Seminoles…


  2. Unbelievable. Did you watch the public testimony on March 17th, 2009 and January 13th 2010? I suggest you watch it. It is availabe on Wisconsin Eye. Did you the Great Lakes Inter Tribal Council (the organization in the state that represents the 11 Indian Nations of Wisconsin) supports the bill? What can you tell me about “undue financial burdens” that are discussed in the bill. Do you know anything about the three amendments that have been added? The coons? Are you suggesting that nickname is in reference to American Indians? The Fighting Irish? Name was created with significant involvement of the Irish Community and also, we all know the Irish represent the second largest sub group of people in the United States. Are you going to tell me that when these mascots were created in the first part of the 20th century that school officials sat down with representatives of the native community and consulted with them about the creation of their mascot? It didn’t happen. Why is that non-Indian people are allowed to control and dictate the debate. Non Indians have the right to determine what “honor” means. American Indian and American Indian Organizations around the country have been fighting for the elimination of these mascots for the past 40 years. Also, the mighty midgets was names after a famous wrestler that was from Mellen. How about little black sambo? Is that a cool way to honor African Americans? Or is that different and “not the same thing.” Do some homework my good man.

  3. […] Nichols wrote a column about the Indian mascot recently, and I’ve argued here that other people could take offense to ethnocentric mascots. But since those people don’t […]

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