How Terrible is WMLW?

February 23, 2010

I’ve waited an extra day to let the events of Sunday’s Marquette/UCinn game to be explained, but what I’ve found out is disturbing at best.

For those of you who didn’t have the ‘pleasure’ of watching WMLW’s broadcast of the Marquette/UC game, you wouldn’t have seen the most pathetic excuse of a broadcast I’ve ever seen. I’m not even talking about the shoddy announcing (It’s Johnson-Odom, not Odom-Johnson dumbass). I’m talking about a picture feed that was stuttering and repixilating every 3-5 seconds (thankfully the commercials and the syndicated episode of Cold Case came in clearly).

Todd Rosiak and Bob Wolfley were able to drag this statement out of the WMLW “staff”:

WMLW-TV (Channel 41) in Milwaukee was aware of the poor quality of the pictures and audio from the Marquette at Cincinnati men’s basketball game Sunday afternoon, but could not resolve the problem during the telecast.

The transmission of the video and audio of the game had deteriorated so much at the end of the overtime game it was nearly unwatchable.

“We had a problem with the satellite transmission and down linking of the Marquette game this past Sunday,” said Jim Hall, the general manager of WMLW. “Our technical staff was working on the issue, but they were unable to resolve it during the game.

“We think the issue was possibly due to the strength of the satellite transmission being received at our facility,” Hall said. “However, we are still investigating the root cause of the problem and then once determined we will be working towards solution for future games.”

It’s fair to say that I’m pretty upset that these people didn’t apologize for the garbage they put out on TV. And what I read into that it sounds like Marquette games aren’t lucrative enough for WMLW to really give a damn.

Sadly, unless the game of just about any team in a non-major city is broadcast on (the dare I say monopoly of) ESPN (including ESPN2, ESPNU), the game will find itself in a sports black hole.  The game will be bought and broadcast by a local network and sadly, there is 98% chance that that local network WON’T be FSN.

Though the picture quality on FSN is mediocre at best, the other options for the Big East Network to sell their feed to are Time Warner Sports 32 and WMLW. Sometimes the non-conference games are broadcast on TW Sports, which feed is no better than WMLW’s but it has never been choppy. The problem is: TWS doesn’t fly for everyone that has a quality cable or satellite provider like AT&T U-Verse, Charter, Comcast or DirecTV.

Garbage like this might fly for UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay or any other UW regional school, but for a Big East program like Marquette IN THE YEAR 2010their fans and Milwaukeeans deserve better quality and a better channel for their broadcasts.  If WMLW wan’ts to keep games, they should update their mid 90’s level equipment, get an HD feed and show their commitment to Marquette and every other sports team they broadcast games for in the Milwaukee area.

If you are a Marquette fan or just a sports fan from Milwaukee had a problem with this feed and I hope you did, contact them and voice your concerns about their cut-rate bottom of the barrel infomercial station. Tell them they should stay away from Live Sports Broadcasts and should stick to 3 stooges and I Love Lucy.

809 S. 60th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Phone: (414) 777-5800
Fax: (414) 777-5802

Comments about TV-41 WMLW:  feedback@cbs58.com

It seems as though WMLW’s only redeeming factor is their Pat McCurdy theme song.

Don’t forget to contact Marquette’s Athletic Director and pressure him to get the program off such a cut rate channel. I understand that he may not have substantial pull if WMLW outbids every other station but come on! The Big East is getting the shaft when it comes to these regional broadcasts.

Steve Cottingham:

Al McGuire Center Address
770 N. 12th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 288-6303 (Phone)
(414) 288-6519

email: athleticdirector@marquette.edu

He did tweet: A great win today at Cinn. We are aware of the WMLW problems and are looking into the source of problem. More to follow

That’s nothing but lip service to fans so far. I hope for results starting with MU’s game tomorrow (Wednesday’s) game at St. Johns

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