Political and Sports Fun with Sporcle

February 15, 2010

For those of you who are in class or at work, here is a list of quizes you can take to pass the time and then see how you match up against other people.

Political Fun: Can you name…

2008 Republican Presidential candidates

2008 Democrat Presidential Candidates

All the presidents

13 Original colonies

6 flags over Texas

People on U.S. Currency

Female U.S. Senators

First Ladies

Major 3rd Party candidates

Major Supreme court decisions

The last 5 presidents, VPs, Speakers and Senate Majority leaders, Pres ProTemp, Chief Justices Attorneys General, Secretary of State

Sports fun: Can you name

All the teams in the MLB?

In the NFL?

in the NHL?

in the NBA?

the 7 ways to reach first

the 2010 Winter Olympic Sports?

All the schools in NCAA major conferences?

Nascar Tracks?

NCAA D-1 Conferences?

US States without a sports team

All the nations sending athletes to the 2010 Winter Olympics

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