The (Grimm) Reaper’s Blog

February 1, 2010

Look out Mark “The Shark” Titus, The Grimm Reaper has a blog.

Former MU star Chris Grimm is blogging about his time as an American basketball player in Switzerland on SAM Massagno with former MU teammate Dan Fizgerald. He still shares some love for Marquette Basketball and talks about games he plays in, with pictures.

He seems to think highly of Buzz:

Coach Buzz Williams came down the hall and introduced himself to me. He asked me the normal questions of where I was from, when did I play, and what am I doing with myself now. Then he invited me back to his office to just get to know me. One thing that really struck me was him thanking me for being a part of the University and for making the program what it is today. Buzz asked if I wanted to work camp and gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him anytime I needed him. He also asked me to come and play pick up with the guys in the summer. Needless to say, my first time meeting Buzz Williams was pretty nice and he made a great first impression.

Grimm was always a great contributor to the MU team and a fan favorite with “The Reaper” nickname.


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