FM 102.1 Milwaukee’s New “Your Music” Fest

February 1, 2010

It took me a long time to find information about this, so I thought I’d share it with all of you:

There has been some press on the event (here and here too) but the Google hasn’t helped me find this stuff and I think it’ll be helpful to include everything I can.

FM 102.1 (the Independent/Alternative station in Milwaukee) is holding a new two day music fest at the Maier Festival Grounds (aka Summerfest Grounds) on three stages -plus the usual Summerfest shopping and food).  This event will replace River (Sewer) Splash. Hopefully the people and the shootings won’t follow. Advance purchase single-day passes are $25, advanced two-day passes are $40, and day-of admission tickets are $35 per day. Maybe that (plus the music selection) will keep the trouble away. Here’s the press release.

FM 102.1 is holding a contest to name the festival. You get some pretty swanky stuff if you win.  You can check out some details about the whole event at the Blog that made Milwaukee Famous.

I’m suggesting “Independent Fest” since FM 102.1 is the independent/alternative station. Hopefully we get some bands like Reel Big Fish, less than Jake, Dropkick Murphys, Streetlight Manifesto, Guster, Flogging Molly Lucky Boys Confusion, Pepper, MGMT or Weezer (those bands are still alternative right?), plus a bunch of local and regional tallent. The full music line up will be launched on March 10th and then ticket sales will start immediately after.



  1. Thanks. I’ve been looking everywhere for this information… And google is surprisingly not helping me either :/

  2. We’ll try to provide more once the line up (and concert’s real title comes out)
    Google didn’t help me either, thats why I posted this

  3. it is actually fun to be on music festivals because i love music so much ‘

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