2010 State of the Union Drinking Game

January 27, 2010

Tomorrow, Obama will deliver his State of the Union address to the nation. Though the Mug Rack will probably comment on the speech itself, we want to make the speech more fun*. There are many varieties to the game (more suggestions here and here) however I’ve decided to take the best rules from each game and combine them into the Greatest Political Drinking Game EVER! (note that the words “shot” and “drink” can be used interchangeably)

Rules: Everyone pick their favorite beer/drink and begin the game. Each side of the room must be designated the Republican and Democrat side (if you’re having a bipartisan viewing), viewers should sit accordingly. Republicans and Democrats drink equally, though Republicans are allowed to yell “You Lie” whenever necessary. Independents and 3rd parties are the designated drivers because you’re pussies anyways.


  • One Preemptive shot for Obama’s Teleprompter
  • A shot of Rum for Haiti (while texting “Haiti” to the number 90999 and donate $10 to the Red Cross)
  • Drink an appletini or do a shot that has sugar in it for Nancy Pelosi’s home district of San Fransisco

During the Speech:

  • One shot If either the Vice President or the Speaker of the House gets caught napping on camera (shot must be done without your hair( For Joe Biden) or facial muscles (for Queen Nancy) moving
  • Do a shot when/if you see your congressional representative
  • Standing ovation: If you are a member of the party that is giving the standing ovation you must drink until the clapping stops.
  • Obama says “let me be clear”
  • Obama says “change isn’t easy”
  • Finish your drink if a member of congress pulls “a Joe Wilson” — Finish the bottle if Obama yells back
  • If Obama says “jobs” do a shot if you’re unemployed
  • Obama uses the term “Congressional leadership” (But try not to laugh)
  • Do a shot for Every Reference to “the prior administration” or “Inherited problems”
  • Do a shot every time the camera cuts to John McCain (or any other 2008 presidential nominee)
  • Do a shot Every time President Obama attacks banks, corporations, Wall Street, or greed in general
  • do a shot for Any mention of Ted Kennedy, toast shot by saying “This one’s for you Mary Jo!”
  • A shot for each guest of honor
  • Do a shot for every time Michelle Obama smiles

—– [Republican Response Bonus Game]

Drink for:

  • Any mention of State’s Rights -and shout ‘The South Shall Rise Again”
  • Scott Brown – and Sing a Dead Kennedys song
  • reference to people rejecting Obama’s policies at the ballot box
  • Bailouts
  • Health Care Reform that works
  • Accusations that Republicans were “closed out of meetings”

*Contrary to the name, The Mug Rack in no way encourages alcohol abuse or binge drinking.


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