This is How Packer Fans Reacted for Years

January 25, 2010

Last night was like January 2008 all over again. Favre throws an interception and loses an NFC championship.  But for Viking fans this was the first time Brett Favre had broken their hearts. Well at least broken their hearts as their starting quarterback, not as an opponent.

Here is an in the moment visceral reaction to Favre’s latest mistake. (Warning language)

In stead of Singing pants on the ground, I started singing Tears on the Ground (tears on the ground, AP lookin like a fool because he put the ball on the ground) when Favre walked off the field, dejected again, unlike the above guy, whos anger probably translated into physical violence.

“Oh My F*ck tackle” may be this years “F*ck it we’ll do it live.” Can’t wait for the auto tune and remix of the above Vikings Fan.


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