State Senator Ted Kanavas will not seek reelection

January 25, 2010

Today, Ted Kanavas announced he would not seek another term as State Senator in Wisconsin. Belling has been talking about this for the past few minutes, speculating on the future of that seat, as well as Kanavas’ political future.

This was the press release that Ted put out.

(Madison, WI)…State Senator Ted Kanavas announced today he will not seek a third full term in the Wisconsin State Senate.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of the 33rd District and I am grateful for their support,” said Senator Kanavas. “After much contemplation, I have decided not to seek re-election to a third full term.”

Kanavas was first elected to the Wisconsin State Senate in a July 2001 special election and at the completion of this term will have served two full terms and part of a third spanning nearly ten years.

“Republicans will enjoy great victories this fall and I anticipate Republicans in the state senate coming back in the majority. That prospect will ensure excellent candidates will emerge to serve the people of the 33rd District and I am confident the district will be left in good hands.”

“Over the years I have been proud of my record of accomplishments in areas of jobs, lower taxes and economic development across Wisconsin. I put job creation and entrepreneurship front and center of the policy debate in Madison. Passing the Angel Investment tax credit legislation was a seminal event for our state. The way to solve problems is not to raise taxes and expand government, but to allow our economy to grow and to let research and development lead the way.”

“Again, thanks to the people of the 33rd District for all of their kindness, thoughts and prayers during my service in the state senate,” Kanavas concluded.

Belling has already started speculating on the future of the 33rd District. I agree with him when he says that Rich Zipperer is the unspoken front runner at this moment. I like Rich and I think he has a strong case for a long political future in this state and even nationally.

However I may disagree with Belling on speculating that Kanavas will run for senate against Russ Feingold. Ted has been a heavy hitter in state politics since he first gained notoriety. He’s been good at his job and was tossed around as a gubernatorial candidate before Walker officially entered the race. Considering the way Congressman Sensenbrenner spoke on Belling’s and charlie sykes’ shows after he was pressured to recruit/name a legit candidate to challenge Feingold, it seems logical that Ted Kanavas would be that choice.

However, after speaking to unnamed sources inside the state capital, they have told me that Ted has no plans to run for The US Senate at this moment. I think Ted would be the front runner for the race, he has name recognition and clout, he’d be able to draw national attention, bring in and spend enough money to defeat Feingold. Plus I think he would be a good national legislator. I like and respect Mr. Kanavas quite a bit.  I hope he does run.


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