Is Eugene Kane a dumbass?

January 21, 2010

Let me answer that question for you: Yes, yes he is

The Milwaukee’s Wannabe Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton is at it again, and proving the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is nothing more than toilet paper with printing on it. He’s blaming the Pizza Man fire on Conservatives.

Yes that’s right he thinks the anti-Government TEA partiers are to blame for North Avenue’s Pizza Man for burning down. Now before you start thinking I’m a racist because the only card Kane knows how to play is the race card, read what he said:

With so many government departments forced to implement layoffs and furloughs of public servants, including firefighters and police officers, it becomes a question of how much is too much.

What’s curious about the budget cuts criticism is that it comes at a time when many citizens are part of a growing populist base that insists taxpayers want less government, not more.

The “tea party” movement, along with other tax revolt groups upset with increased government spending, advocates a new era in which most citizens don’t have to depend on government for anything, including health care. When it comes to police and fire protection, however, that seems to fall in a different category.

What matters most depends mainly on your priorities: Would you prefer your tax dollars go to pay for more cops on the streets or filling potholes? What about keeping the county park system one of the best in the nation? Don’t forget about public transportation, public schools and of course, whenever you need a firefighter, it’s usually always a pretty pressing matter.

The Pizza Man fire site represents a loss for Milwaukee’s east side and the city in general. But criticism about cuts in the city’s budget ignores the current political environment that forces some politicians to adhere to a frugal mind-set when it comes to tax dollars and say “No” to most requests for extra funds.

I really wish this clown would shut up, stop using garbage scare tactics or acknowledge his damn hypocrisy. Like George W. Bush being able to stop Katrina, the Milwaukee Government would be able to stop a fire with more money. That’s all liberals think “Anything that gets more funding means its better.” Yep. Eugene Kane thinks that fire departments can preemptively stop fires. You can’t stop shit if you can’t predict it’s going to happen. If Eugene Kane thinks that, he should be giving me lottery picks and star writing for the business section giving stock market advice.

Now let’s break that down with logic, instead of using scare tactics to imply that Milwaukee will burn if we don’t over-fund government: If it wasn’t for Scott Walker and a few conservatives in Milwaukee, the city and the county would be a bigger tax hell than what it is and liberals would be pissing away millions of dollars. They’d be throwing so much money at everything, taxing us all to hell, and nothing would get better, in fact things would get worse. Case in point: MPS. Look how much the school board makes and look how bad the school system is.

More money in government doesn’t create better programs, better individuals, better cities, better workers or future predicting fired departments. More money in government creates more bureaucracy more inefficiency and more waste. And what’s worse is look at that what liberals have gotten city government into. Because of their wasteful spending and budget mismanagement in tough economic times, they are forcing government employees to take furlough days. If the county and city of Milwaukee wasn’t burdened by such liberal incompetence, government would be more efficient, tax less, spend less and have balanced budgets (that would provide ample funding to a fire department). They wouldn’t have to force employees to not work because the government can’t afford to pay them. But alas, Eugene Kane’s liberal friends in government think more government money and spending is a solution to every problem, not a cause.

Now let me ask you a question about your priorities: Do you want your tax money wasted to create a larger bureaucracy and greater inefficiency? Or Do you want to believe Eugene Kane’s bullshit?


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