Jerrone Maymon to UT

January 16, 2010

Derek Dooley isn’t the only person going to Tennessee this fall.

Jerrone Maymon has chosen to attend the University of Tennessee.

The attention of the Tennessee fan base is focused on a frantic football coaching search at the moment, but basketball season is in full swing and Bruce Pearl’s program got some good news on Wednesday night. Marquette transfer [db]Jeronne Maymon[/db], who officially visited Tennessee over the holiday has decided to continue his career in Knoxville and is expected to enroll in school on Thursday.

A separate source is  reporting that Maymon will not have a scholarship until fall and so he will have to pay his own way until a scholarship is available… looks like Tim should look to his old job as a source of employment again.

I don’t know who I want to send my luck to. Tennessee already has its share of dysfunctional players already, I’m not sure why they need another. Jerrone for being away from his overbearing coke snorting safety blanket of a father or to Coach Bruce Pearl for taking a chance on a dysfunctional, overweight, unathletic lazy player who wants an offence run through him and has an overbearing father.

Now I’m not going to suggest that Bruce Pearl did any meddling in this one… whatever. Those two deserve each other. Enjoy those all you can eat Waffle House meals Jerrone.


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