December 16, 2009

Jeronne Maymon’s father has finally explained why his son is leaving Marquette.

The father of former Madison Memorial standout Jeronne Maymon says the main reason his son chose to leave the Marquette men’s basketball program is because he wasn’t happy with his role on the team.

“We’ve just asked for a (scholarship) release so we can get out of here, because it ain’t working out,” Tim Maymon said late Monday night when reached on his cell phone. “He’s not being used the way he needs to be used, so we’re moving on.”

Golden Eagles coach Buzz Williams announced Jeronne Maymon’s departure in a three-paragraph press release earlier Monday night. The 6-foot-6 swingman averaged 4.0 points, 4.2 rebounds and 16.3 minutes in nine games off the bench for Marquette (7-3).

Tim Maymon said academics were not a factor in his son’s decision to transfer to another program.

“School’s going great,” he said. “That part is good. But he’s not getting many touches. They’re not trying to run the offense for him. They’ve got him playing center and that ain’t what he does. So we just kind of moved on and regrouped for next year.”

Although Jeronne Maymon played a season-high 22 minutes in the Golden Eagles’ 72-63 loss to the University of Wisconsin at the Kohl Center last Saturday, observers at the game said they could tell from his body language that he wasn’t happy.

Jeronne Maymon attended Tuesday night’s Big Eight Conference boys basketball game between Madison Memorial, his alma mater, and host Verona. He declined to comment on the situation when approached by a reporter.

Tim Maymon said he and his son will say more on Thursday, when Jeronne is expected to be officially released from his scholarship by Marquette. One of the topics Tim Maymon said will be covered is where his son, a two-time Associated Press high school Player of the Year, might end up next.

“He’s doing good,” Tim Maymon said. “He’s happy now that it’s over. We’re just waiting to get the release on Thursday and then we’re going to move on.”

This confirms that Tim Maymon and his son are absolutely ridiculous. He’s ten games into his freshman season, playing out of position because of injuries to other players and he can’t cut it. That’s kind of pathetic. Lazar has played 4 years out of position because thats how he was needed and this kid can’t even hack it for 10 minutes. Tim must be delusional to think that his meal ticket (or coke ticket) could be a one and done NBA lottery pick. All signs point to this kid being coddled and made to believe he’s something he’s not. I wonder if Lazar gave Maymon any parting words of wisdom?

I can only think that Jeronne is going to have a tough time latching on to a new school now that it’s confirmed that his dad is something out of Toddlers is Tiaras and that this kid has an inflated sense of self worth. He has do not touch written all over him. If he couldn’t suffer through 10 games playing the four spot and not running guard, how will he feel when other teams make him adapt to the game and play the 4 or 5 spot when necessary? I hope every school his dad shops around this one and done kid to slams the door in his face.

=The Bartender=

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