More on Jeronne Maymon’s Departure

December 16, 2009

I swear I’m not posting to bump mug26, the Mug Racks newest blogger. Give him a hand ladies and gentlemen, we’re happy to have him (back).

Anyway’s there have been more discoveries but no smoking gun in the Jeronne Maymon story.

This came from the blog Chuck’s Corner:

I would like to say that I got this information from an anonymous source from the Madison area.  He would perfer if I kept his name out of it and thats completely logical in my mind.  Here’s what I got from it….

“My Dad’s best friend was talking to Tim Maymon last week and he was all fired up because Maymon was saying buzz promised him playing time and a starting spot, and it wasn’t happening.”

“Marquette was making him play inside and Jeronne wanted to play outside because they thought Jeronne was only going to play one year then go to the NBA, no joke.”

“He (Tim Maymon) had already had a few meetings with Buzz. This is a college kid’s dad sitting in his coach’s office, kind of like Mitch Mustain (former Arkansas quarterback now third-string at USC) so they (the Maymon family) were already not happy then.”

“Basically, Jeronne wasn’t going to be academically eligible that’s why the timing is so convenient with the end of first semester so he just quit, and will maybe play juco or try to transfer somewhere.”

All of the following makes sense because if you are from the Madison area or have heard stories about Tim Maymon.  He thinks that Jerrone is the next LeBron James and feeds all of that shit into his head therefore you have the problem we have right now.  In addition, the academic issue shouldn’t be surprising if you look at the interview Tim Maymon did with Todd Rosiak. Basically, he explained that his son was right at 2.0 (in High School!!!) and wanted to raise the grades so they would need a lower GPA to get into Marquette.

I will probably do something later this week on the mistake that was Jerrone Maymon and what’s next for the Marquette Golden Eagles.  In addition, my source said that Vander Blue, the top Marquette recruit this will not sway his decision on Marquette.

Some other people in local media have weighed in on Jeronne’s decision. Though there is no podcast listed, I believe Dan Needles had some choice words for the player. I believe the quote was: “If Jeronne Maymon ever makes the NBA… I will eat my dirty shorts for a week straight.  He is a fat, unathletic, quitter…good luck with the rest of your life…”

You can take that comment however you like. I’m sure that Dan said something that a lot of MU fans were thinking when they first heard about the reasons for Jeronne leaving. I’m sure as cooler heads prevail Dan’s words may seem inflammatory but at the time…

Madison Cap Times sports also weighs in on the matter. The highlight of this article:

“I chose (Marquette) because I like their style of play and I trust the coach (Buzz Williams),” Maymon told the Wisconsin State Journal in late May, 2008. “They guaranteed me a starting spot.”

They did what? Red flag No. 1. Fact or fiction? You decide.

“If you were to ask Jeronne Maymon 10 minutes into his first workout as a college freshman what do you think about college?” Williams posed to the Chicago Tribune on Marquette’s “boot camp” conditioning. “If you would’ve given him a ride back to Madison, he would’ve took it. If you would’ve asked me (about him) the first 10 minutes of his first workout, I would have taken him to your car.”

Williams later said of Maymon, “As a kid, he’s about as good a kid as you can find. When he learns that when he’s out here he’s got to work every possession, when he figures that out completely, he’s going to be really, really good. He hasn’t figured that out yet.”

Michael Hunt also posted his thoughts on departure. I’ll save you the time. It’s a load of crap. Just absolute garbage. Hunt takes 400 words to bash Buzz Williams for recruiting a player who ‘just wasn’t good enough.’ He starts his article suggesting that Jeronne couldn’t make a huge impact as a freshmen on a top Big East program and ends it by bashing Buzz’s ability to keep certain players, neglecting to mention his top tear recruiting classes.

Well if Michael Hunt is smart enough to realize that, he’s smarter than the coaches at USC, Tennessee, Baylor, Indiana, Iowa State, Kentucky and Minnesota (on top of being smarter than Buzz) who wanted the #47th best rivals player in the country and the #7 power forward to play for their team too. If that’s the case you’re in the wrong line of work Mikey. Get out from behind the desk littered with old papers and empty Chinese food boxes and start shopping your resume for a recruiting gig.

He’s basically writing as some douche saying “I called this.” Though there is no proof he did that and what he is looking is Jeronne’s stat line and Ignoring virtually everything else.

I guess there will be more coming on this issues. Speculation is still at a high since neither the University/AD/Buzz or the Maymons have commented on the issues.

=The Bartender=


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