Getting Bombed in the Quad Cities …

December 16, 2009

… and not in the fun way.

Greetings. My name is “mug26.” After being nagged to start (re?) blogging for months by The Bartender, I’ve accumulated enough guilt to start blogging (again; if you’re smart enough to identify us from elsewhere). The moment seems especially right given that after a year plus change looking for a job since graduating from Marquette, I finally have a job and thus even less time to blog.

I’ve moved to the Quad Cities. It’s a sleepy little area along the Iowa/Illinois border about an hour south of the Wisconsin border, and three hours to Milwaukee (and decent bars…). I’m enjoying my job but hating living in a “metro” area smaller than the one I grew up in (and a helluva lot smaller than Milwaukee).  I’m going to blog about politics, life, beer … the usual.

One of the few stipulations I have for blogging here is that I’m not going to do research, deep thinking, etc. For the most part. This blog is, after all, named after an aspect of the Marquette social scene. A little laid back. Relaxed. And I’m going to feel relaxed while here (both on this blog and in the Quad Cities, when I can).

Here’s a little interesting news item. Obama and the Democrats have announced that they will bring the Gitmo terrorists to the US. And not just any part of the United States … a prison/town named Thompson, Il which is delightfully only 30 minutes north of the Quad Cities, obviously on the Illinois side.

Here’s my concern. I don’t think the terrorists are going to get out and rob the nearest CVS. I do think that, if someone or some group wanted to launch a demonstration geographically NEAR the terrorist prison in Thompson, the Quad Cities would be the place to do it. And they, the QC, are pretty much sitting ducks.

I, for instance, cross one of the four bridges across the Mississippi River every morning. It’s probably the most frequently daily crossed bridge of the four. It also seems like the oldest. In fact, I’m sure of it. When I first crossed the thought came across my mind that, “This bridge  looks like it could fall into the river at any minute.”

I worry that friends of terrorists (themselves terrorists) would themselves want to act out for their friends. I might have to move to the side of the river where I work when my lease is up.


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