Cigar “Bars”

December 16, 2009

They say in dating not to show your hand all at once. Reveal yourself over time and keep the other person interested and curious. Well, there’s a reason I almost never have a regular girlfriend. In that spirit, here’s another blog post on a thought on my mind.

I like a nice cigar every now and then. I’m still not sure where the line is with me subconsciously between enjoying the cigar and thinking that I’m supposed to look badass charing my otherwise healthy lungs (I don’t smoke cigarettes). But I still enjoy one, especially as a way to relax. Think of it as a bong for non-UW-Madison graduates.

There are nice cigar “bars” back home (in Wisconsin, but not Milwaukee) as well as in Milwaukee, so I was hoping to find one here. Unfortunately, there is really only one (I’m not talking about all of the chain stores like Tobacco Outlet) and it is a bit of a drive from my apartment.

I have been there once so far, last Friday. It’s a pretty decent place. Anyway, I thought I would say that it’s going to be sad to know that in a few months, in Wisconsin, no one will be able to have cigarettes or even a cigar in a bar due to the smoking ban. I’m going to try to have a cigar in a Wisconsin bar before the ban passes. – Mug #26


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