The Story of Tim Maymon [Update]

December 15, 2009

Tim Maymon has commented on his son’s decision to transfer, and the plot thickens.

Former James Madison Memorial High School Spartan Jeronne Maymon has left the Marquette University basketball team just games into his freshman season.

Marquette head coach Buzz Williams confirmed that Maymon has decided to leave the program. The player’s father, Tim Maymon, said that news of his son’s decision was a surprise to him and that he was heading to Milwaukee to try and find out more about the situation. Tim Maymon said Jeronne is doing well in school and is “loving every minute of being there.”

Maymon was Williams’ first recruit at Marquette and in Maymon’s first season with the Golden Eagles, he was averaging four points and 4.2 rebounds a game. Maymon scored four points in 22 minutes against Wisconsin on Saturday at the Kohl Center.

There have been unconfirmed rumblings that Maymon might be transferring to Tennessee, but so far those are just rumors. Tim Maymon said his son isn’t transferring to Tennessee or any other university, WISC-TV reported.

So what about Spartan senior and Maymon’s friend, Vander Blue, who was going to join Maymon next season at Marquette? Blue’s mother, Rita, told Mark Miller at wishoops.net that “Vander is going to Marquette, end of story.”

So Either Tim doesn’t know what is going on, Jeronne made an irrational decision, or its just a front for the time being. But something about Tim’s statement doesn’t add up. How could he no nothing but, Vander Blue’s mom be willing to comment so quickly after this decision was made? Something about those two comments, that, when you line them up side by side don’t pass the smell test. I’m suspicious at taking Tim Maymon at his word.

Given the level of speculation around this, assuming Tim didn’t know about Jeronne’s grades (if they were that bad) that leaves Jeronne’s dissatisfaction with the program that he didn’t share with his dad or disciplinary/character issues. The latter is starting to look more plausible. There are rumors swirling about his attitude as a player and that he wants the glory and popularity that comes with playing BE D1 basketball, but doesn’t want to commit to the work and sacrifice it takes. However this contradicts things Buzz has said about Jeronne being ‘too unselfish’.

To add further speculation, this may be a move where Buzz called Maymon’s bluff and put out a press release saying he was done. Maymon may have been mulling a decision to transfer or quit the program but chose not to share that information with his dad, but told Buzz and this is how MU basketball has ended up in the position it was in. Perhaps this was a motivational ploy to get Jeronne to work harder. If the MU faithful will recall Mo Acker quit the team for awhile, MU put a press release out about that, but now he’s playing again. Maybe the same will happen for Jeronne.

Again… All speculation at this point. Someone in all of this jumbled mess isn’t being truthful or holding something back. Buzz will be having a press conference on Thursday to clear this up and we’ll have a clearer picture by then.


So I’m going to start filtering some rumors about Jeronne Maymon’s suddent and abrupt quitting of the Marquette Basketball team. There are pretty much two schools of though

The first: Grades

The guess is that since it is close to finals, an athlete would probably leave the team if he couldn’t cut academically. I would be surprised if Buzz sat him down after seeing his mid-term grades to try and get him to start pulling his weight in the class room.  And then if he didn’t do that by finals time, which it currently is,

However, it’s more likely that if grades were the issue, it’s more likely that Jeronne would have gotten a semester of academic probation. He’d then have time to pull his grades up or get out. Such and abrupt decision would lead me away from this idea. That is unless Jeronne was pulling a spectacular 0.2. And if that was the case I would have to give a tip of the hat (though it’d make me sick) to the Badger basketball fans out there who we’re keen enough to chant “Maymon can’t read.”

The second school of thought: Tim Maymon

Like Mom’s who put their toddlers in tiaras or Hockey mom’s with lip stick, Tim Maymon is a stage date. Or a court dad. Either way, Tim is the type of dad that cheers louder than the cheerleaders (and looks more obnoxious doing it) and yells at his son more than the coaches do (and it often contradicts what the coaches want). You know the type. The douchebag dad from your days at little league that just ‘wouldn’t let you play’. Well he’s one of those on the College Basketball level.

Looking deeper into him you’ll realize that Tim Maymon is not a nice person. I did a search of Jeronnes dad. He has some issues. Here is the long and the short of Tim Maymon’s rapsheet:

  • Attp Battery, a class A misdemeanor, Wisconsin Statutes 940.19(1). (1994CF001540)
  • Bail Jumping, an unclassified misdemeanor, Wisconsin Statutes 946.49. (1994CF001678)
  • Operating While Revoked (3rd w/in 5), an unclassified misdemeanor, Wisconsin Statutes 343.44(1)(b).
  • Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, a class A misdemeanor, Wisconsin Statutes 946.41 (1996CM001724)
  • Fail/Report to County Jail (10 Days +), a class D felony, Wisconsin Statutes 946.425(1m)(b).  (1996CF000624)
  • Timothy Maymon was found guilty of Possess w/Intent-Cocaine (<=5g), an unclassified felony, Wisconsin Statutes161.41(1m)(cm)1. (1996CF002050)

He has also spent some time in small claims court, since he has racked up quite a considerable amount of debt. Also the operating while suspended is just the tip of that driving iceberg. He must be a terrible driver because he has about 8 listed citations for that offense.

So according to the marquettehoops.com /Scout.com message boards this is the rumor being propagated:

Tim Maymon recently (The week before the Wisconsin game) had a heated conversation with Buzz about J-May’s role on the team.  Reportedly the Maymon camp was extremly upset with his offensive role.  Buzz basically guranteed the Maymons during the recruitment that J-May would be a featured option in the offense and that he would be a starter from day one, NOT coming off the bench.  Buzz also ensured that J-May would be playing the 3/4 and that his role on the team would be more offensive oriented and would not be stuck only guarding the bigs.

The conversation got heated to the point where expletives were thrown into the conversation and the Maymons threatened that if J-May’s role did not change soon they would not hesitate pulling him from school to look at other options where he would be a “featured option”.  Tim Maymon also threatened that they would take Vander with them.

They mentioned some school out in Virginia and somewhere in the south but I am not exactly sure which those are at this point

Though this quote came from a Badger fan, and it’s tough to believe anything that comes from a Madison student/grad with all the shit that usually comes out their mouths, this scenario seems plausible. HOWEVER- If I’m wrong I’ll fully admit that I am wrong and if there is a different reason why Maymon is leaving the program I’ll post about that. Like I said I’m just trying to sift through this crap and see what comes out of it.

I think this becomes more plausible when you understand that Tim Maymon is chomping at the bit to hold a press conference to slander Buzz for making his kid play forward instead of guard. Even though a large percent of college hoops players will play out of position at some point in their careers, depending on the offensive scheme that

Early Rumors are that Jeronne will transfer to Tennessee. Which makes total sense, because that fine institution is a bastion of  moral integrity and academic excellence. Also Bruce Pearl has 10 F’ing guards, but since he’s been in the habit of tampering in the past, maybe he’ll do it again in the future. So if Timmy wants his son to start playing the 2-3 guard instead of a 4 spot forward he’s going to have to get in line and that line is a lot longer at UT than it is at MU. Good luck to Maymon to beat out that loaded team for playing time. Oh and besides, next year when he’s eligible to play, he’ll be playing the four anyways, so maybe he’ll transfer again. Or he could follow in the successful footsteps of Brandon Jennings and instead of taking an unpaid internship with a college basketball program, he could go pro in Europe and learn how to play the 4 better (at least that way he’ll help his dad get out of debt).

I give Buzz credit for not getting pushed around by a player’s parents, but at the same time maybe Tim Maymon is why Bo and even Crean stayed away from this kid. Buzz took a risk and it blew up in his face. He doesn’t exactly have a long leash to do this often but these things happen. (Did we quit when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?) 15% of Freshmen transfer and 95% consider it. MU still has a solid base of developing young talent and the ceiling for these guys is incredibly high.

It’s funny to think though if Liam would never have had the health problems that he developed (which is still tragic) and Otule would have never broken his foot, Maymon would never have found himself playing the 4 (or at all for that matter).



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