20 things we hope are still popular by the end of the next decade

December 12, 2009

A few days ago I came out with a list of things that won’t be popular in 10 years, well here’s my list of people and things that I still want to be popular in 10 years.

1. Grand Theft Auto –

I don’t care how old I am, I’ll always play these games, no matter what it teaches my kids about out running cops and killing prostitutes. GTA video games  need to be classified as an art form. Like Sistine Chapel level art. If Da Vinci made video games, he’d make Grand Theft Auto.

2. Madden NFL 20##

-See Above. Madden could be long dead but it just isnt video game football without his name on the game. What’s better than getting into a fight with your buddy over kicking his ass in Madden?

3. The iPhone –

It’s like my 3rd arm/2nd penis/4th testicle. I’m that attached to it. Apple does good work

4. Jay Z – I don’t care if he’ll be nearly 50 when he releases the Blueprint 4. He’s that good

5. Bristol Palin


6. Entourage

Ari Gold will explains why this show is so great.  Unless Vinnie Chase decides to go all River Phoenix at the viper room this show should last a long time.

7. The Office –

Jim’s pranks and Dwight being Dwight is worth watching for years. I want to watch this show until Michael Scott dies in his office when he’s 75.

8. Guitar Hero/Rock Band

Sure they may be reaching down in the barrel by 2019, but Guitar Hero: Flock of Seagulls will still be hella fun to play when you’re drunk at a party.

9. The Simpsons

No seriously, I still like the show. It could last for another twenty years. When other shows acknowledge that the Simpsons have done everything

10. South Park

Its funnier that the Simpsons with more social commentary. It’s hilarious in a totally offensive way.

11. Taylor Swift

Sorry Kayne, this chick is hot. So fricken Hot

12. Twitter

It’s fun, it’s addicting and its much more entertaining than Facebook.

13. Tucker Max books

I hope they serve beer in hell -which is a hilarious movie now- is the only book I’ve read cover to cover 3 times back to back to back. I bust it out every once in awhile and read stories to people have never heard of the hilarity of Tucker.  He has a new book coming out soon too.

14. Batman Movies-

Christian Bale as Batman is great and with an amazing supporting cast, these movies are great. I hope they make a bunch more movies

16. Conan O’Brien

I think he’s great as the tonight show host. I love Jay Leno, but being able to see Conan and Jay at respectable times and now have to wait through boring celebs pitching bad movies.

17. Fox News Female Reporters

I love fair and balanced… Giggity! It doesn’t have to specifically be these girls, but as long as fox News still hires hotties, I’ll be watching them.

18. Harry Potter

For the sake of Universal Studios which opened a Harry Potter theme park, I hope it works out well. I bet it’ll be a cool park though, if they have bad ass rides. These books better have staying power otherwise this Universal will be stuck with a bunch of kids wondering what Harry Potter is.

19. Google

It’s not like google is going to become unpopular, but I hope they don’t start doing lame shit like yahoo does to bring down the quality of The Google. My only fear is if google’s popularity keeps increasing, it’s going to be Skynet/The Matrix. Google will start sending machines back in time to kill the yahoo creators, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, or Gmail will start harvesting our bodies to run their dozens and dozens of programs/applications

(here’s a personal one) 20. Buzz Williams

I hope he does for Marquette what Al did for MU. He’s a great recruiter with a great coach on a great basketball team. He could be the next Al McGuire if he decides to stay with the program.


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