Scrubs: The morning after

December 9, 2009

So you’ve gotten your JD fix for the week in ABC’s new episode.  Last nights episode was “Our Role Models” and revolves around JD still having an inappropriate desire for Dr. Cox’s love while trying to help

The highlight of this episode might have been that Turk mentioned Carla. He told Dr. Cox that Carla couldn’t go to the “OwlCats” game. JD came instead and dressed like something out of the musical Cats. As a whole the funniest scene was the Lucy’s daydream scene when Dr. Cox becomes a gym teacher throwning dodge balls at the students.

The whole episode revolved around Lucy trying to find a mentor while Drew tries to keep Dr. Cox from being his mentor. This is EXACTLY like season 5. Where Dr. Cox pretends to bond with the interns and JD flips shit. Lucy eventually tries to bond with Denise and try to see her as a role model. Denise is against this at first, but she eventually gives in near the end of the episode.

Otherwise the episode was pretty recycled and a total step down from the first two episodes. We get it, JD doesn’t like beer and is fighting his inner urges to dry hump Turk, Dr. Cox is a dick and Denise is a female version of Dr. Cox who hasn’t found her place yet, Cole needs to be throw off the show and that other chick needs to stop acting less like JD. Literally everything you see about Lucy is the same things JD went through in season one. And her obsession with horses is akin to JD’s obsession with Unicorns and other mythical things.

I’m worried about the new Scrubs because it lacks the chemistry of the old show. There is no Janitor (who was likely the funniest character) no edgy nurse that kept characters in line yet covered for them. the New Scrubs is literally 7 Characters, few supporting characters that have some funny lines. It’s just not the same show. I miss Elliot, Janitor Carla and Dr. Kelso too much to really get into the show.

Thought the show has kind of been sliding down in quality, it could be worse. I could be forced to watch Mercy. Or virtually anything else on NBC outside of Thursday night.


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