20 Things that are popular now but WON’T be by the end of the decade

December 8, 2009

1. Barack Obama

This guy is nothing but a fad. He’ll be a footnote in history. Swept into the Millard Filmore dustbin of presidential history… Right?

2. Levi Johnson

Too big of a douche to be left alive in 10 years

3. Erin Andrews

By 2019, Erin Andrews will be 41. That is too old to be a coveted sexy sideline reporter. ESPN will have genetically grown a new one.

4. The Hills

No no no no no no no no…. this is not to be watched.

5. Lady Gaga

You’re telling me this will be alive by the end of the decade?

6. Miley Cyrus

Remember how big of a deal it was when the Olsen twins turned 18… then everyone stopped caring about them. This will happen to Hannah

7. Brett Favre

Even though his less than stellar comebacks with the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns won’t go according to plan,  Brett will finally be put out to stud (read: the glue factory) before 2019.

8. Global Warming

Al Gore faked it and it’s not man made. Pollute the hell up baby!

9. Facebook

Does anyone remember when this was a resource for college students to connect with people in class easily? now it’s just a glorified myspace, your parents are on it and your 11-year-old cousin is on facebook playing farmville . It’s been ruined. Here’s my pitch to nuke facebook and start all over.

10. Ugg Boots

If Old Navy Performance Fleece don’t make it 10 years, what chance do you give these things?

11. Tights

If Ugg Boots go, so will tights. If it was up to me it’d be a national law that hot chicks wear uggs and tights but I’m not a law maker.

12. American made Cars

There is no way the business models of American car companies will work into the next decade.

13. Glenn Beck

Two reasons: This much anger to democrats can’t be healthy in the long run or if Republicans win things back, he won’t have anything to complain about.

14. T-Pain

Come on! How does this guy have staying power?

15. Legos

Like the actual blocks. I haven’t seen one of those in years. Instead we have Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones and rock band video games. Legos are only virtual building blocks now.

16.Meghan McCain

Can someone sweep the Paris Hilton of politics into the dustbin of history yet? It’s been a year since her dad failed and she’s still on TV.  I’ have more political knowledge in the lower half of my left nut than her. (And before she tweets her anger, it has nothing to do with her being a girl, or “real” girl -read chubster- at that. It’s just because she’s an idiot)

17. Tila Tequila.

Is she hot? Supremely. Is she an idiot? YES! She’s only popular because of My space and has no real skills. In order to live til 2019 she’ll have to turn to porn, and then meth. I have a bet that she or Lady Gaga will be dead by the end of the decade.

18. Swine Flu

The WHRA says it will close its H1N1 mass immunization clinics at the end of day on Dec. 11.

Just like SARS, Bird Flu and AIDs before it, Swine Flu is an over hyped illness that doesn’t affect half the amount of people that it was suspected to. If AIDs, SARS and Swine Flu killed as many people as it was projected to, there’d be like three dozen people left in the world.

19. Sarah Palin

Her book deal will be the peak of her career (well technically being a Vice Presidential candidate may be up there)… Hopefully

20. The World

The Mayans are saying the world is going to end in 2012. So The World probably won’t be popular 5 years after ending. And if Sarah Palin’s career continues into the next decade, she may have something to do with the world ending.



  1. That’s wassup

  2. WRONG!!! ALL WRONG!!!!

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