Scrubs Live Blog

December 2, 2009

So JD is back and so is Elliot. and they are teaching now

We have a new girl doing narrations like JD

hey it’s Jo! “Don’t Smell me”

And we have new imagination scenes.

Dr. Cox knew this was going to happen… and Lucy is devastated but it’s a learning experience.

JD is a really snappy dresser outside of scrubs.  I should sport some more clothes like his. Cole’s mom is hooking up with Dr. Kelso. and that works out.

Dr. Cox is back and cynical as ever. He still has so much hate in him. “Take a pinkie as a trophy”

Jo’s name is Dr. Mahoney, and she has the same terrible personal skills as before. Good at giving out nicknames though.

TURK! I wonder if Cole Will be a season regular.  And JD and Turk will be awkward in front of med students.

And we have a guy love duet. It’s Guy love between two guys.  Deniese “Is it Go to Vermont and make this thing legal?”

New Opening Credits – very similar to the original. Just with a newer touch and new band performing “Superman”

During this commerical break I’d like to point out Denise Mahoney is played by Eliza Coupe and is super hot.

So thats how they wrote off Janitor. Nice to see Neil Flynn has success on a different show.

Enid Passed… thats sad for Dr. Kelso. At least he’s over it

Ooh… Hot Australian Chick

So Denise is already hooking up with students.. awesome.

I miss Sunny and the other Interns from last year, some of those girls were really cute.

Dr. Cox is really on fire this episode. He’s laying into some of those interns.

JD is as lame as ever and trying way to hard… as always.

-Commercial Break- Seriously can I get some of the old Interns back? Can I get some Sonal Shah and Betsy Buetler up in here? I know Todd is coming back because I saw him in Promos but I wonder if Ted and the Gooch are coming back?

So we have a sex scene and a douchy intern. The Austrialian chick is super hot. JD/Dr. Cox’s banter is funny as ever.

It’s too bad that carla isn’t coming back.

-Oooh I like the inner monologue switch between new intern and JD.

Denise… damn

Lucy… new intern has a name. Oooh a bond is formed between Lucy and JD

Since the wrote off Janitor so easily, I wonder what they’ll do to explain Carla isn’t around. So Lucy sounds a lot like Elliot, with the whiney cryee thing. and Lucy bonded with the cadaver.

—- I hope the next episode is better— I didnt mind this one so far but It could use a lil help to

Well there’s the Todd

Cox still calls JD Newbie.

–I’d look dynamite in a cloak

The new School is called “Winston University”

Lucy Bennett that’s her whole name. Douchy intern is Cole. Lucy is pretty hot.

JD/Turk is extremely gay and unprofessional.

Denise “Drew, I don’t care I’m losing wood”

Dr. Cox is even mean to Hot Chicks. I wonder if Jordan will be making any appearances on this show even if she’s on her Hubby’s new show.

I wish I had a girlfriend like Denise.

Hey the black security guard is the highlife man!

-Commercial break- I really need some story wrap ups with Carla and Jordan. Also wish Elliot had more than 3 minutes in the whole show so far

A hooch Goblin and they didn’t make a hooch is crazy joke?  It’s odd that Dr. Cox is so any drinking when he went threw some heavy drinking a few seasons ago.

I want to get my drunk on and eat some za. A wing mom is awkward. Cole really douchy.

Lucy is A LOT like Elliot.

The Todd can sense Sex hahahahah.

Do they know they used to call Denise Jo? it seems like JD and Turk just forgot.

SNOOP DOG teaching Doc.

Denise is getting shot down by the guy she’s screwing. Also what happened black surgeon intern?

Yeah I wish people would share bar food with me

JD and Turk’s relationshio is like a bloomin onion. It’s not very healthy.

Australian girl is damp… wow

Drew had a rough 1st med school trip.

This is a real long trip to imaginationland from Lucy…

Dr. Kelso shouldn’t have opened his mouth…

Nice to see Lucy learning from her mistakes and JD teaching her something about it… a touching moment that Dr. Cox interrupts with his jackassery.

and Dr. Kelso gets to tap Cole’s mom. Yeah everything works out out.

— Not sure what to think of the New Scrubs so far. Australian girl needs to have an increased roll in the show because she is Hot. But lets not take away from Denise or Lucy. This new group of girls on this show is CRAZY hot. I wish they would have summed up some story lines on former characters. It would have been convenient to know what happened to Carla in a flashback similar to janitors. I also want to know what happened to Ted and the Gooch. If he was back on the show that would be great. Also I would have liked to see a few more of the last seasons interns retained. They were some cuties too, but I’m not sure they would have had the room in 24 minutes to fit them all in.

I think the show is going to retain a lot of points similar to last seasons which was an emotional break from the prior shows. Season 8 was more touching and I think that season 9 will be similar as we see the relationship between Lucy and JD evolve into the Doctor/intern relationship that JD wishes he had would Dr. Cox. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel bothered that now JD and Turk’s relationship is more unprofessional than ever or not.  Dr. Cox is just as mean as ever, but when he’s not demeaning JD and Elliot it seems worse than usual. Finally I hope Elliot gets a few more minutes in each episode.

I hope the show lasts. It’s confusing to have the emotional investment in the show that was supposed to end last year and now to see it come back with a totally revamped style but still with some of the same characters. I don’t have the connection with the new characters yet but maybe that’ll changes. Yes one of my old roommates and I bonded over Scrubs. I called him Brown Bear…


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  1. I think it would be cool if Dr. Kelso continues his fling with Coles Mom….in his shocking way…
    and Cole should stay on, he’s a fave.

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