Movies that make guys cry

December 1, 2009

You know that movies like remarkable successful “The Blindside” are going to make guys cry. A kid coming from nothing to become an NFL star, all while learning that he has a family that loves him in the process? Yeah you’re going to cry. But what other moves are guys allowed to cry over? I’ve compiled a partial list of movies that guys are allowed to get teary eyed when watching. There are a lot of Sports movies on this list but there are other ones out there that guys can have a good cry over.

Rudy: Unless you’re a football player that has been carried off the field by his team with the crowd chanting your name, it’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to have happen to you. But you, like Rudy you’re all of 5’4” and 165 lbs and long past your football prime.  Even if it’s kind of true that Rudy is a dick now and ND f’ing sucks, you’re still gonna cry every time.

Field of Dreams: Try watching this scene and not crying. It’s nearly impossible. It’s a guy that gets to play catch with his dad. I’m crying thinking about “Dad….you wanna have a catch?” The whole movie is great but that scene is just remarkable.

The Natural: Go Pick me out a winner Bobby. Another one of those movies where you wish it was you in the final scene, hitting a home run that shatters the lights.

Rocky: Once you hear “Gonna Fly Now” something inside you just perks up. You want to cheer for the underdog boxer and you cry like a girl when he calls for Adrian.

Brian’s Song: I may hate the Bears but, “I love Brian Piccolo. And I’d like all of you to love him too,”

Honorable mention goes to Hoosiers and Remember the Titans and a bunch of other remarkable sports movies as well.

Braveheart: It’s a classic example of one guy giving up his life so others can live. Mel Gibson’s epic speech in defiance of English Tyranny makes me want to go out and kick people’s asses

Honorable Mention goes to Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks dying at the end of this movie gets me welling up. Sacrificing your life to save the life a guy who just lost his three brothers.

Some will say that Good Will Hunting makes a guy cry. I didn’t cry during the “it’s not your fault” scene but that doesn’t mean guys can’t. But Robin Williams also made it ok for guys to be soft in Dead Poet’s Society.

Mr. Smith goes to Washington: There are people that believe that DC is full of the romanticism in Mr. Smith’s 24 hour filibuster. There really isn’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t wish.

Top Gun: You may feel uncomfortable during the volleyball scene but you still know that you cry when Goose dies.

Rainman: There is something about the subtle understanding of brothers. Even if they’ve barely known each other.

Shawshank Redemption: Escaping prison to live a free life is amazing. It being narrated by Morgan Freeman makes it better.

There are so many more movies out there, this is just a good sample of movies that guys are allowed to cry at.


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  1. Remember The Titans always gets me.

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