Thanksgiving edition Football picks

November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and anyone that calls it turkey day needs to be hit with a sock full of nickels. Football, food, family and friends. What other holiday gives you this kind of alliteration?  Of course, with football, you have my blog post on football picks:

Packers@ Lions: Lions always playing on Thanksgiving is as big of a tradition as the Lions losing on Thanksgiving. Packers are 3-3 on Thanksgiving, but they play well against the Lions. Rodgers is undefeated against them. Packers are off to a shakey start but I think the Packers will get their game together and win a high scoring high offense entertaining football game.

Oakland @ Dallas: Oakland got a surprising win last week against Cinci. That sucked for my fantasy defense. Raiders actually have a good defense and Dallas is playing like crap lately. Dallas needs to win this game and I think they will. They need to play with energy and throw to Miles Austin. If they struggle or lose this week it’s over for them like Romo as a starter on my fantasy team.

Denver @ NY Giants: If the Giants are sinking like the Titanic, Denver is going up like the Hindenburg.  Both of these teams need a win desperately. Denver has a great D but the Gmen have a lot of weapons. If the Giants can make Denver one dimensional and have to force throws to Brandon Marshall, call it over, like I think it is.


Tampa Bay @ Atlanta: I’ve been calling a lot of games in favor of Atlanta lately, whether it works out or not. I’m doing it this week too. At home in a must win, Atlanta will come through.

Miami @ Buffalo: Miami is on a roll. They have been playing really well and running the ball successfully even if it’s without Ronnie Brown. TO is coming of a TO like performance but that won’t exactly last. Miami will win here, but Buffalo could keep it close.

Cleveland @ Cincinatti: Cleveland still has a football team? Cinci was humbled last week against Oakland so anything could be possible, but what won’t be possible is Cleveland winning this football game.

Indinapolis @ Houston: Put Indy on upset alert. Houston has been playing well lately even if they aren’t getting wins. They are still a quality football team with a good offense that has a lot of potential (and their defense is good too). Houston wins a close game, if they can make field goals.

Chicago @ Minnesota: Chicago is DONE. They are going to be done for years. Forte can’t run the ball and Cutler is a bad QB. That trade will sink the Bears for years to come. I don’t want Minnesota to win but they will, and they’ll win big.

Carolina @ NY Jets: Both of these teams have shown potential. Carolina has lately the Jets have earlier. What will make the difference is the Jets secondary, which is good -very good. And with Carolina’s pedestrian passing game this’ll be over before it’s starts. Bank on the Jets.

Washington @ Philadelphia: If last week is any indication of the quality of the Washington offense -look to the Eagles. They’ll crush Washington.

Seattle @ St. Louis: Here I’m going as my wildcard. Both of these teams struggle and Seattle got embarrassed last week. I think they’ll get embarassed again this week. I’ll take St. Louis in a boring, boring football game.

Arizona @ Tennessee: Arizona is still playing like they are expected to, but Tennessee is 4-0 with Vince Young and are playing like a completely different football team. Arizona didn’t convincingly last week so watch out. I think the Titans pick up their 5th Vince Young at the helm.

Kansas City @ San Diego: Once again it’s San Diego’s division to lose. They have their goal within reach and they can get one big step closer by winning a divisional game against KC. SD will score a lot of points KC will not.

Jacksonville @ San Fran: San Fran made a solid come back against the Packers last game, if they can keep that momentum going they’ll beat Jacksonville this week. As long as Alex Smith can be a quarterback like the 2nd half of the Packer game, they’ll win.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh: this’ll be a real fun game. Two great teams. I like Baltimore but either team could win this. Both have such great defenses. I think Baltimore wins this game by less than a field goal.


New England @ New Orleans: This may be the greatest game of the season. The two best offenses going head to head. I want to see this as a Super Bowl game. I think New Orleans wins because they have a little home field advantage on a Monday Night showdown. If this game was outside it’d be different. Put the over under in this game around 75.  I can’t tell you how entertaining this game will be.


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