This day in History

November 22, 2009

On this day in history in 1963 at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, a single communist shooter from the Texas School Book Depository assassinated the President of the United States. He then fled the scene, killing Police Officer J.D. Tippet and was arrested in a theater.

One Shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald fired three bullets killing Kennedy and injuring . There was no second (or third or fourth)shooter, there was no asssassin on the grass knoll, or at the triple underpass or hiding in the sewers under the road or anywhere else.

Feel Free to look at all of the videos on Discovery Channel about the assassination. I’d post some of the videos here, but many of the videos on youtube as been criticized by conspiracy kooks. So just go to the Discovery Channel and watch the factual video. I could get into the details on why conspiracy theory’s on the death of a president are completely wrong, but I’m not sure I have enough time to get that done by the end of the day. But I will say that the only reason people want to believe conspiracy theories is because they want to believe that the government has more power than it really does. They want to think there are sinister people ruling the world.

And even if people want to believe that Ruby killed Oswald to silence him. Who was hired to silence Ruby? and who was hired to silence the guy that was hired to silence Ruby? The bigger the conspiracy, the less likely it can be pulled off or believed.

You can read about the entire JFL assassination here.(Wiki also has a considerable amount of information) Dr. McAdams covers literally every though/theory  and evidence on the assassination of the president. If there is evidence examined on Kennedy Assassination, Dr. McAdams knows about it.

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