My HS team in the state championship

November 20, 2009

So I sort of have an old man style ax to grind about this one. Today my old (stress old) High School team is going to take on a rival for the State championship. That’s all well and awesome. The school hasn’t won a state championship since the 1970s. In getting to the game, they’ve beaten teams that we’re suspected to be better than them, so clearly a good team, a good coach and hard work has paid off and that’s something to be proud of.

The think I am a little upset about is the fact that the School district allowed the junior high and high school time off in the afternoon to go to the game. Now I’m not going to go on some long winded rant that academics is more  important that football (it is, but sports is still hella fun) and that every sport besides men’s football/basketball get’s shit on in High School, that’s essentially true too That’s not a big deal for me, I’m not going to chance the world by encouraging people to care less about High School sports in a small town, thats pretty much all they have. It’s not even that High School football coaches can be douchey to non-athletic students. I could care less about that because at the end of the day they’re just HS gym teachers.

The issues is that a bunch of students now have an early weekend, even though it was supposed to be for them to travel to the game. I really don’t believe that many students are going to go to the game. It was a bad decision to allow a bunch of students to get a half day. The ones that were going to go to the game, were going to go half day or not, and the ones that weren’t going to go to the game now get to blow off early. It’s the only level of sports where students will get a free pass (maybe high school education is mostly a joke?). Since the team hasn’t been to a championship since the 70s that means that there are over 30 years worth of students never got to blow off a half day of school for a football game. Yeah I realize that point may seem like it makes an argument for the game to be seen, but High School football is such an insignificant point in the long run, student’s should have a half day off for it. I didn’t get class off to watch or go to MU NCAA tournament games or anything like that, and we haven’t won a championship to 1977. Seems like a poorly though out decision that won’t serve it’s purpose.

Either way I’ll still cheer for my old team, I just think the School District made a stupid decision. Old man rant over.


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