Football on Thursday? Awesome

November 20, 2009


All Day I was watching my fantasy team thinking that Sunday can’t come soon enough. Well at least I get a little taste of football tonight on the NFL Network. I’ll preview that game and the rest of the weekend…now:


I went 7-7 in my picks last week. Some picks that I got wrong I’m really upset about and some that I’m happily surprised about


Miami @ Carolina: Ronnie Brown is out tonight and done for the season. This may hurt the wildcat but I think that there is an upside to Brown’s injury and I believe that is Pat White. I liked him at WVU and I think that Brown’s absence will allow Pat White to showcase his talents, maybe not this game but soon. I think Carolina, even though they beat Atlanta last week, puts up a pedestrian offensive show through the air and even if their running game going it won’t be enough. Miami is a tough football team and they have the ability to win football games like tonights.


Pittsburgh @ Kansas City:  Pittsburgh has a great defense, Kansas City isn’t so great at much. They’re struggling, but the only thing of importance is they can finally get their LJ issues behind him. Pittsburgh gets a much needed confidence boosting win here.


Indianapolis @ Baltimore: Indianapolis is still 9-0 and beat NE last week by a point.  I don’t think Baltimore has the offense to run keep up with Indianapolis. This game will be lower scoring, but Indianapolis gets another win.


San Francisco @ Green Bay: in 1998 this would be an amazing game. Here it’s about two teams playing for their playoff lives. I think Green Bay gets a win here. They picked up a surprise win last week against Dallas and that should give them some confidence against a struggling San Francisco.


Buffalo @ Jacksonville. I’m not confident in calling this game. I’ve  picked against Jacksonville in the past and they’ve won. I’ve banked on them winning big and they lost. Buffalo isn’t a great football game and Terrell Owens is really showing his age now. I think Jacksonville gets a win here on the legs of Mo-Jo Drew.


Atlanta @ NY Giants: After about week 5 or 6 a lot of people were ready to crown these teams as NFC Championship contenders. Atlanta in week 6 was 4-1. NY Giants at that point were 5-0. Since then those teams have combined for one win, which goes to Atlanta. Both teams need to get back on track with this win. I think the Giants can pull it off because the Giants had a bye, rest and more time to prepare and get back on track.


New Orleans @ Tampa Bay: Last week New Orleans looked almost human when St. Louis ran close with them. I don’t think that happens two weeks in a row. New Orleans will put a thumping to Tampa just to feel like a man again.


Cleveland @ Detroit: Who cares? I’d pick Detroit here because I am holding out that they aren’t as bad as their record says.


Washington @ Dallas: Washington got lucky last week because Phil Simms’ son had to come in and throw the football in the 2nd half for Denver and he’s garbage. Tony Romo might not be. Last week Dallas lost a rough one at Green Bay, but I bet they get back on track here and thump Washington.


Seattle @ Minnesota: If this game was in Seattle I’d feel differently about the game. But since it’s in Minnesota I think the Vikings pull off a win against the struggling Seahawks here.


Arizona @ St. Louis: Arizona is rolling again and I think last week was a fluke for St. Louis. Watch the cards put up a lot of touchdowns in this game.


NY Jets @ New England: The Pats need a win here. They are going to beat up on the Jets like an older brother beats up on a kid brother. Jets aren’t playing good football and the pats lost by 1 to the colts. There is some rage to be taken out on the Jets in this game.


San Diego @ Denver: If Kyle Orton was starting this week I would pick Denver in a heartbeat. He picked apart Washington and connected with Brandon Marshall last week and the Broncos lead by Chris Simms couldn’t start a point in the 2nd half. San Diego wins this came because Chris Simms can’t throw the football to save his life.


Cincinnati @ Oakland: This game won’t even be fair. Oakland is not a great team, Cinci wins solidly.


Sunday Night Game:

Philadelphia @ Chicago: This is going to be a good football game. Cutler is not a great quarterback though. I think Philadelphia is able to air it out and score a lot of points in this game, and maybe that will put the final nail in Chicago playoff hopes.


Monday Night Game:

Tennessee @ Houston: If I get to call one upset it’s here. Tennessee is going to win this football game. Chris Johnson is rocking it lately and Vince Young has added a new level of excitement to the team. Houston is good, but Tennessee is getting better.  I’m taking them here.


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