Week 10 Picks

November 15, 2009

Can you believe it’s already week 10 in the NFL? I know it’s only November, There are only a few more weeks in the regular season and the playoff picture is coming together. I went 7-6 last week, so I’m struggling a little more than I should. A few teams got some gut checks last week including some teams that are perennial playoff teams. Giants and Houston get the weekend to regroup and both teams need it. It’s time to look at  and predict what is going on this week in the NFL (Thursday’s team doesn’t count):

Atlanta @ Carolina: Atlanta has struggled as of late, and Carolina is on an up swing. The running games are going to have to work for each team in order to be successful, however Atlanta has a better passing game, and they should be able to win here.

Tampa Bay @ Miami: Tampa Bay got a surprising win last week versus Green Bay, but don’t think that is going to happen often. Miami’s running game will tear up the Tampa defense. I hope Josh Freeman does well at QB in the long run for Tampa.

Detroit @ Minnesota: Minnesota will win. Nothing else needs to be said.

Jacksonville @ NY Jets: The Jets were supposed to be a reat team with Matt Sanchez and all of a sudden they’ve faulted. I think the J-E-T-S will get back on track this week. Jacksonville is having an up and down season and this should be a down game.

Cinci @ Pittsburgh: I’m not a huge fan of Cinci, period. They won’t win this week because the Pittsburgh defense is too good at home.

New Orleans @ St. Louis: New Orleans, big.

Buffalo @ Tennessee: I’m on the Tennessee band wagon now that Vince Young is behind the center. They’ll win here. and become a surprising team.

Denver @ Washington: Denver has a chance to get their team back together since they’ve lost two games. Washington will struggle against the Denver D. This should be a blow out.

Kansas City @ Oakland: Kansas City deserves to win one. At the end of the day, Who cares?

Seattle @ Arizona: I like the cardinals, they’re playing good football as of late, and Seattle just isn’t great. Arizona should pick up a big game her.

Dallas @ Green Bay: Four or so weeks ago, I would have said Green Bay was going to win, but now Dallas should roll on this game. I don’t want the to, but if you can’t protect the QB you can’t win a football game.

Philadelphia @ San Diego: Philadelphia should win this game. San Diego can’t run the football like they used to, which means their passing game won’t hit. Donovan can still air it out and watch him do that today. I want San Diego to win, but I don’t think they will.

Sunday Night Game:

New England @ Indianapolis: This is going to be a fun game. Peyton vs Brady. A great rivalry of two great teams. They are both pretty evenly matched on both sides of the ball so I can’t say just one thing will make or break either team, I think NE comes in and stuns the home crowd.

Monday Night game:

Baltimore @ Cleveland: Baltimore used to play in Cleveland. They haven’t forgotten that, but don’t forget how bad Cleveland is. Cleveland will playing this game harder, the Fans will have a stake in this one, but Cleveland’s footabll team isn’t good enough to top Baltimore.


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