Is the Mark Neumann’s bid for Governor over?

November 14, 2009

Coming on the heels of a report that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett WILL run for governor (I guess I was wrong there) Real Debate Wisconsin broke this little tidbit -which I’ve yet to independently confirm- just a few hours ago:

Long time Wisconsin political operative Jim Klauser has left the Neumann campaign.

I guess the “I have green homes” sales campaign for governor could be over. Jim Klauser in an old guard Republican and former Administrative Secretary under Tommy Thompson that was one of the architects? of the Neumann for Governor campaign. Klauser was never a Scott Walker fan. I think Klauser leaving the Neumann campaign makes it all but certain that Neumann (who has been roughly polling below 10% against Walker) will bow out before Christmas. Thought I wouldn’t expect either of these two guys to immediately endorse Walker. This will really position Scott Walker with an unimpeded road to the Governor’s mansion. Which is great because I’m a fan of his. However I’m also a fan of primaries and competition, neither of which Walker will face.

Maybe this will be the end of the “Wisconsin Knows” crap too, a blog that *thankfully* hasn’t posted since the end of September.


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